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All products are manufactured within AVK group companies and at AVK Syddal, in Hyde near Manchester, the UK manufacturing centre of excellence for AVK Fittings. AVK Syddal's automated robot welding has raised our already comprehensive emergency response to a new level.

Size Range from DN15 up to 2200 plus (for specific product types) - information available upon request.

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Pipe Repair Clamps

Pipe repair clamps can provide one of the simplest, most cost-effective solutions for fixing a leaking pipe. Whether damaged from corrosion or cracking, a high-quality repair clamp can provide a temporary or long-term solution to an isolated leak, restoring the integrity of the water network.

AVK provides a variety of repair collars and clamps suitable for water and waste water pipes of ferrous (cast iron), plastic, steel, copper, asbestos cement construction. They are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters and there is a 24-hour emergency repair clamp service should customers require a swift solution due to a crisis.

Ductile Iron Repair Clamps

Our ductile iron repair clamps work by being placed around the damaged area of pipe, with the inner EPDM rubber pad/seal preventing water escape, while the outer metal clamp halves are tightened around it with Sheraplex coated nuts and bolts to provide a tight seal. 

The ductile iron is coated in a fusion bonded epoxy to prevent corrosion, with clamps being hydraulically tested to 1.5x PN and with a temperature range from -10°C to +70°C. 

For use with ductile and cast iron pipes, all our ductile iron repair clamps are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Great Britain, approved to Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) standards, and Drinking Water Inspectorate Regulation 31 compliant.

Steel Repair Clamps

Our steel repair clamps are available in single or multiple band design for a wide range of diameters and lengths and can be used to repair damage on all ferrous and PVC pipes. 

Like the iron repair clamps, the steel clamps are placed around the damaged area, with an EPDM rubber gasket mat providing a reliable seal, while the outer stainless steel body is tightened around it with zinc plated grade 8 steel nuts and bolts, and ductile iron lugs.

Our lightweight pipe saver repair clamp is slightly different in that it can be used to fix small sized pipes with a wingnut, washes, and a bracket, all zinc plated steel to ensure corrosion resistance. For other larger sizes, a regular hex nut would be used. 

All our steel repair clamps hydraulically tested to 1.5x PN, with maximum working pressure varied across the range, and working temperature of +70°C. They are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Great Britain, with materials approved to WRAS standards.

24 Hour Emergency Pipe Repair Clamp Service. Call 0800 202 8228.

In many instances, repair clamps are needed urgently to repair an issue on the network. That is why AVK offers a 24/7 emergency repair fitting service, 365 days of the year, with same day, next day or 2 to 3 day delivery as required. Learn more about our emergency repair fitting service here.

TS Standard Awarded to AVK Syddal

AVK Syddal’s state of the art fittings manufacturing facility in Hyde achieves the prestigious international quality standard ISO/TS 29001.  Read more about the TS Standard achievement here.

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24 hour emergency pipe repair clamp service : 0800 202 8228.