AVK UK exhibiting at the AD & Biogas Exhibition 5th and 6th July NEC


Come and meet the AVK UK team at AD & Biogas 2017 NEC , Stand D101.

As part of the AVK Group we have the advantage of offering products that suit all types of specialist gas applications.


We can offer a complete solution for all sections of a biogas plant regardless of feedstock type, slurry or biowaste and, more specifically, if the process includes siloxane (synthetic silicone derivatives) removal. We can also provide a solution for gas that is used locally or converted into biomethane and fed into the natural gas grid.

Using the knowledge and local expertise of the AVK group, we can offer a substantial range of products from: Donkin, AVK Syddal, Aqua Gas, Wouter Witzel, Interapp, Cyl, Tec Artec and Syntec / AVK Plastics.

AVK biogas products include:  Gate valves, Knife-gate valves, Butterfly valves, Stainless Steel ball valves, P.E valves. Non-return valves and more.  Click here for the full range.

The AVK UK stand will be hosted by:-

Alan Bite - Product Manager, Non-conventional Gas     and     Mike Skeemer - Market Sector Manager, Gas

The event, is organised by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bio-resources Association (ADBA), is free to attend.   Click here to register for free

Come and visit us - we'd like to talk to you.


As featured in The Water & Sewage Journal Issue 98 and AD & Bioresource News Issue 36.


For more information see our Non-conventional Gas Brochure.