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AVK in the UK

The AVK Group is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and fittings within the water, gas, waste water, industrial and fire protection industries worldwide and has 100+ companies globally.

Our UK based factories manufacture a large range of valves, hydrants, pipe fittings and accessories, each complying with the highest standards of performance, safety and durability. Our UK manufactured valves and fittings are supplemented by an extensive range of products manufactured in other AVK companies located around the world as well as from a few key strategic supply partners. All products designed and manufactured by AVK UK exceed British Standard requirements. While UK focus is on British Standards, AVK UK and the AVK Group also offers products in accordance with most national and international standards.


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over 3800 employees globally

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...Glenfield Valves Ltd and AVK UK have supplied products to Scottish Water and its former authorities for over 166 years.

As a UK manufacturer of valves and fittings and part of the SR15 framework supply chain to Scottish Water, we have a responsibility of not only supplying product but also actively supporting customers in what can sometimes be complex product applications. It is therefore vital that the engineers whose task it is to design a new plant and help maintain existing assets in order to extend service life, are fully supported by experience and knowledge from the supply chain.

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More than just a Knifegate Valve. AVK Series 702.

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Cadent Gas AVK Donkin Training Event

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AVK and Wessex Water On-site Training Programme

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Case - Fulham Gas Holder Site

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AVK UK Supply Wessex Water Grid

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