THE AVK UK Series 701/84 water air valve


Fully pre-constructed chamber for quick, easy and cost effective installation.

Designed for ease of installation, for example where manhole access can be restrictive.

Features and Benefits:

  • The air valve eliminates the need for construction of a manhole - saving time and money.
  • Off-site fabrication of chamber significantly reduces installation time and cost.
  • Orifice size: Automatic 12mm2, kinetic 804mm2. The orifice in the automatic valve releases large volumes of air at high flow rates when the line is under pressure.
  • Working ranges: 0.1-10 bar, 0.2-16 bar.
  • Chamber drainage outlet - a unique one-way outlet drains water from the valve chamber and prevents water intake.
  • Flood and insect protection.
  • Reinforced nylon body and base - 100% corrosion free.
  • Eliminates manhole entry - no confined space entry needed. Allows easy maintenance of air valve.
  • Lightweight and compact assembly for easy on-site handling.


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