AVK Through Bore Hydrant Innovation


Series 29/91 Clearway Underground Hydrant.

The dimensional equivalent of a squat hydrant but with a full, straight bore from inlet to outlet.

Main features

Unobstructed DN80 bore Greatly enhanced flow-rate and offers ease of introduction and retrieval of pipe maintenance and measurement equipment.
(Exceeds BS flow requirements. Min flow 2000 l/min @ 1.7 Bar (Kv=92): specified in BS EN14339. Actual flow 4802 l/min @1.7 Bar (Kv=157) - @ 0.3 bar = 2000 l/min.)
Kite marked to BS 750:2012 Type 2. Fire Service and Water Utility’s directive, 
Optional data  logger  connection point for system monitoring. The hydrants can remain in service and available for use whilst data logging equipment is installed.
100% holiday free internal coating.   Internal holiday free coating to 250 microns thickness. External fusion bonded epoxy coating in line with WIS 04-52-01 Class B.
Designed to be suitable for flow in both directions during operation. For use when charging mains and for temporary diversions.
Auto-frost valve as standard Saves 6ltr/min when in use and eliminates the need to fit a solid plug for testing. No stagnant water left in hydrant after use. No bacterial build up. Frost resistant.
Fully maintainable. Ease of maintenance. Standard bolts - standard stock items, standard lengths. Cost effective.
Patented product.  
UK design and manufacture. UK engineers and technical expertise.

Available ex-stock.   2-year product warranty as standard.


Kitemarked to BS 750:2012 Type 2
Fully WRAS Approved product
WIMES 8.09 Compliant
Regulation 31
Designed according to BS 750:2012
BS EN1074-1:2000 and EN14339:2005, underground hydrants.
BS EN1074-6 for potable (drinking) water.  




AVK Hydrant Security Device Series 29/10 ....taking less than one minute to install or remove.  It is the most simple, efficient and 100% effective way to secure the critical hydrant function required by water utilities. and emergency services. 

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