AVK control valves success

Global success - worldwide demand


The global success of the AVK UK diaphragm control valve range continues with a significant increase in worldwide demand.

AVK control valves success

This successful diaphragm control valve range is manufactured in the UK at AVK’ s facility in Chesterfield and offers the common variants, such as pressure reducing and pressure sustaining, along with a wide range of products for pressure, level, flow and surge/protection control solutions. Bespoke multi-function and remotely operated valves for water networks and production facilities are also available to suit more complex requirements and engineered specifically by AVK.

To support customers with this wide range of valves AVK UK have a dedicated team of UK experts, engineers and designers who assist with valve selection and sizing. Customers can also benefit from product training at one of the AVK UK facilities, at customer offices or on site. Additionally, the AVK UK website has a technical section dedicated to control valve specification, application and selection.

The test rig at AVK Donkin, enables customers to work ‘hands-on’ with the many valve types for training purposes, or even see their own bespoke valves performing before they are shipped to site. AVK UK also fully support on site with valve selection prior to ordering, valve commissioning as well as trouble-shooting or maintenance training to boost customer confidence.

AVK are also successfully supporting customer projects worldwide working on a range of diaphragm control valve schemes from Scandinavia to Bangladesh. These projects have included: -

  • controlling pressures down the mountains of Saudi Arabia (as shown)
  • level control and pressure management in the Emirates, including the Sheik’s palace.
  • a vast leakage reduction scheme in Tbilisi, Georgia where over 350 valves were supplied.
  • flow control scheme in St. Lucia.
  • pressure management and protection valves into the vast traffic tunnels in Stockholm (as shown)
  • as well as multi-function flow and pressure control valves with remotely controlled overrides here in the UK

……..to name a few!

Please contact David Hurley (details below) if you would like product advice and recommendation or to arrange training.

AVK control valves success


AVK control valves success   AVK control valves success   AVK control valves success


AVK control valves success   AVK control valves success