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Cost effective gate valves from AVK UK


AVK UK offer a range of resilient seated gate valves with reduced, or no requirement at all, for flange connections - proving highly cost effective and time saving during installation.

Numerous trials for these valves are currently underway with water authorities, all confirming that time saving and efficiencies are being achieved.


Series 01/79 with SupaPlus Socket Connections.     Perfect for a quick installation.  With design features such as integral tensile end load resistant adaptors this valve delivers ease of fitting, reduced overall cost, reduction in connections and reduced excavation size. All of which make this valve easier, quicker and cheaper to install. 

No fused joints required – full tensile resistant mechanical joints with simple torque wrench required for installation.
Less materials – no PE stub flange, bolt/gasket sets, no EF couplings required. Installation time significantly reduced - Less time spent in trench for installation, therefore reducing health and safety risks.
Full AVK design and UK manufacture,  holiday free internal coating, WRAS approvals, BS 5163 and WIMES 8.09 compliant.
Cost savings – reduction in time and materials result in a minimum of 20% installed cost saving. 

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       The AVK Series 01/79: Contractors and project managers witnessing installations have commented positively on the obvious advantages, the speed of assembly, 
                                                     material reduction and overall benefits to be that can be achieved in future projects using this valve.

Other AVK valves in this cost effective range are:-

Series 36/89 PE ended wedge gate valve.  Fully integrated system.  Suitable for installation on existing PE pipelines and new installations of PE pipe. The Series 36/89 has integral PE ends that can be butt-fused or electrofused to the existing pipe work, reducing installation times dramatically. Correct installation will deliver a fully integrated pipe system. 
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Butt-fused or electrofusion joint - asset is fully integrated with the system.
Less materials – no stub flanges or bolt sets required.
Installation time significantly reduced - less time spent in trench for installation, reducing health and safety risks and
Full AVK design and UK manufacture, supported with holiday free internal coating, WRAS approvals, BS 5163 and WIMES 8.09 compliant.
Leak free system – reduced potential leak paths.

Other valves in this range are:-

Series 32/49 Long Spigot Gate Valve   

Series 38/89 Gate Valve with flange/ PE Pipe


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A long spigot end wedge gate valve suitable for installation where a replacement valve is required for non-standard face to face dimensions. The valve offers the flexibility of installation using the spigot ends and joint to match the existing pipework and completed with a Supa MaxiTM coupling or standard 601 coupling also available. Time, ease and speed of installation favours this method of valve replacement.

  A flanged/PE spigot wedge gate valve allowing transition from PE pipe to a flanged connection. The PE tail will allow electrofusion, butt fusion or mechanical coupling connections to be made directly to PE pipe. The PN16 flange allows a bolted connection in the opposite face. For use with water and waste water to a maximum of +40°C. Application: Suitable for use where a conversion from PE pipe to flanged fittings is required. This valve offers the flexibility to connect directly to pumps, meters etc.from a PE main.

Series 12/51 Spigot end / Flanged Gate Valve 


Series 33/00 Tyton Socket Gate Valve

AVK_UK_Resilient_Seated_Gate_Valve_12_51   AVK_product_information   AVK_UK_Resilient_Seated_Gate_Valve_33_00    AVK_product_information

EPDM wedge. Epoxy internally and externally. Standard stem sealing. For cast iron pipes. DN85-300, PN16


EPDM wedge. Epoxy externally and enamel internally. Standard stem sealing. For cast iron pipes. DN80-300, PN16

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