AVK Pentoflow



Building on AVK Group’s reputation, AVK UK has developed the AVK Pentoflow range to ensure we can meet your product requirements from the water main to beyond the water meter.

The AVK range incorporates all the fittings needed to go from the water main to beyond the water meter.

The full range along with supporting information is shown below - simply click on the required item.


AVK Pentoflow
  • AVK Pentobox

    The AVK Pentobox is a class leading range of Water Meter Boundary Boxes with a Grade B Surface Box able to withstand an 8 tonne load. The composite lid also allows, if required, Automated Meter Reading Technology (AMR). Features include telescopic height adjustment, fully sealed and a one piece design manifold incorporating patented push-fit connections in d20, 25, 32mm and ½" HG. The manifold is also available with ¾" BSP female threaded outlets. The unique surface box element has a 8 tonne rating, suitable for footpaths and driveways with regular traffic. Available as a fully sealed Class 1 or unsealed Class 2. Telescopic with a height adjustment from 555-850mm. The base unit manifold is a one piece design with a minimum number of components, reducing potential leak paths. Patented push-fit connections - no need to twist and also demountable by unscrewing nut.         Technical Specification – Materials WRAS approved materials are used throughout and full datasheets are available through the AVK UK website. www.avkuk.co.uk Main body, base plate, sliding guard tube, retainer ring, cover frame and cover assembly: Polypropylene (PP), higher mechanical resistance and thermal stability. Manifold retainer nut, manifold assembly push-fit and blanking plug 27mm AF hex: Acetal. O-ring and seal for telescopic movement: NBR 70 Frost protection: Plasazote LDPE. Standards WIS 4-37-01 for boundary boxes. Surface box to BS 5834-2:2011. Push-fit joints according to WIS 4-32-11 Frost protection: Plasazote LDPE. Working temperature -15° C to + 35° C Nominal Pressure (PN) and Product Approvals : The AVK Pentobox is designed and pressure rated to PN16. Call us now for more information : +44 (0)1604 601188 Or email us : japi@avkuk.co.uk      


            The AVK Pentomech 16 bar mechanical fittings for pressure piping applications are designed with an innovative Balance Sealing System. This feature offers a technical solution whereby the tightening of the nut improves the seal performance, with the extra benefit of maximum reliability in all possible conditions of use. Keeping the basic features of easy and fast assembly without any particular preparation of the pipe. Main Applications: Water supply, house connections and water treatment plants. Product Range 16-110mm PE x PE fittings Surface box to BS 5834-2:2011. d16x½" - 110mm x 4", PE x BSP fittings d25-32mm PE x copper fittings. 15-35mm OD Universal solutions range. d20-32mm stops. Innovative seal –ensures a water tight solution. Seal design – improves connections to undersize pipe, pipe showing wear and ovality. Seal design – reduces effort to insert pipe in sizes > d50mm. Dedicated fittings means dedicated seals, no long term joint stresses. All fittings are rated PN16 including stop taps Call us now for more information : +44 (0) 1604 601188                                         Email  :  japi@avkuk.co.uk for more information

  • AVK Pentopush

            AVK Pentopush is a new patented range of composite push fittings combining the safety and strength of a traditional mechanical fitting with the user-friendliness of a standard push-in fitting. The installation of the AVK happens in one simple move, requires no tools and no complicated preparation of the pipe. Just cut the pipe squarely, insert the pipe liner and insert, with a slight twist, into the fitting. The result is a strong, firm and long-lasting connection between the pipe and the coupling. Product range: d20-63mm PE x PE fittings d20x.½" - 63 x 2", PE x BSP fittings 15-63mm OD Universal solutions range Push-fit solution where space is tight, no tightening required. Possible to dismantle without special tools Slim-line design minimises excavation and space above ground. High tech composite materials used gives it a class leading strength, especially with threaded connections Universal range offers complete coverage in pipe sizes from 15-63mm OD. Slim-line design Fittings are rated PN16. Call us now for more information : +44 (0)1604 601188 Or email us : japi@avkuk.co.uk http://www.avkuk.co.uk/en-gb/products/water-distribution/fittings/pushin-fit/1114

  • AVK Pentovalve

            The new AVK Pentovalve range of stop taps is the perfect range to complement the AVK Pentomech and AVK Pentopush service fittings. Available in polypropylene with AVK Pentomech outlets and also gunmetal underground stop taps, Female threaded to BS 5433. Product Range d20, d25 and d32mm polypropylene. AVK Pentomech stop taps. d20, 25 & 32mm gunmetal stop taps with AVK push-fit outlets, to be introduced shortly. ½" - 2" gunmetal BS 5433 F X F stop taps. Pentovalve stop taps are available ex-stock at our NDC in Corby. Pentomech joints – Innovative seal design. See further details in the Pentomech section. Pentovalve stop taps are PN16. Female gunmetal stop taps offer flexibility of connection.. BS 5433 gunmetal stop taps are a proven material and design with 40 years of reliability. Call us now for more information : +44 (0) 1604 601188                                         Email  :  japi@avkuk.co.uk for more information

  • AVK Pentotap

            The new AVK Pentotap range of swivel ferrules and self tapping saddles ferrules are tried and tested methods of tapping into the water main. If the water main is made from PVC, PE or even asbestos the appropriate self-tapper allows this to be done without the need to hire specialist equipment or the expertise to make electrofusion joints. The AVK range of swivel ferrules and self tapping saddle ferrules allow an easy trouble free connection, with a 360‹ rotation from the swivel banjo outlet which is available as a push-fit joint for PE or female threaded outlet. Female threaded outlets allow flexibility on to new or existing services using a AVK or AVK adaptor. The range also incorporates polypropylene saddles which allow connections on to PE. These are not for live connections. Product Range Swivel ferrules - ." x d20mm outlet – 2" x d63mm outlet. Self-tapping PE/PVC saddles for PE d32 x d20/25mm outlet up to d315 x d20/25/32mm outlet. For PVCU 1" x 20/25 outlet up to 8" x d20/25/32mm outlet. Outlets also female threaded ½" -1".  Incorporating a universal cutter made DZR brass. Self-tapping AC saddles for 2" AC – 12" AC with outlets d20-32mm and ."-1" BSP female threaded. Incorporating a stainless steel cutter. Polypropylene saddles for PE d25mm – d315mmwith outlets ." – 4" BSP female threaded. A core range of Pentotap ferrules and self tapping saddles are available ex-stock at our NDC in Corby. Live connections on to PE, PVC and AC pipe without specialist equipment. Pentotap fittings are available up to a pressure rating of PN16. 360° rotational banjo outlets with full flexibility of connection. Saddles are available up to 32" PVCU, d1000mm PE, 28" AC, d800mm Steel and d842mm K9 ductile. Call us now for more information : +44 (0) 1604 601188                                         Email  :  japi@avkuk.co.uk for more information

  • Associated Products

    Here you have direct access to the full AVK range of associated products to meet your complete installation needs. Simply click on the required product for more information :-         Click here for our complete water product offering. Call us now for more information : +44 (0) 1604 601188                                         Email  :  japi@avkuk.co.uk for more information

  • Pentoflow Brochure

    The full range of Pentoflow products, technical information, features and benefits, installation information and more is available by clicking here or on the image below. Quick links to the different AVK Pentoflow product ranges are here: AVK Pentobox AVK Pentomech AVK Pentopush AVK Pentovalve AVK Pentotap Other useful links : Complete range of AVK Product Brochures and Technical Information AVK UK Website Home page AVK UK Product Finder - a simple and quick selection tool to help you choose the product to suit your requirement. We're here to help.  Please call us if you need more information about AVK and our extensive product range. T: +44 (0) 1604 601188    

  • AVK UK Webshop

    The AVK webshop offers a selection of our popular ex-stock items up to DN600. AVK Pentoflow product range will be found on our web shop in the very near future.  Please contact us if you wish open a shop account on +44 (0) 1604 601188. Follow here or click on the image below for the web shop. Feel free to have a look around and contact us if you wish to purchase items or have any questions about our shop.