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Invicta Valves Site Solutions
Our site solutions offer provides a bespoke and comprehensive ‘one-stop shop’ approach to our customers projects.

Our extensive, solution based packages are designed to combat the challenges that our UK Water Industry clients face on a daily basis. From feasibility and life-time maintenance, inception to completion, we provide a service that offers best practice, cost efficiency and longevity no matter where you are in the UK.

Our highly skilled, knowledgeable and qualified site personnel have a wealth of experience in delivering a diverse range of bespoke solutions from innovative design concepts to managing complex installation programmes and we will have the right solution for you.

We install all makes of ‘free-issue’ valves and penstocks, offer complete design, supply and installation package if required. Strongly supported by our parent company, AVK Group, we have full access to the extensive range of high quality AVK products that can be delivered anywhere in the UK from our national distribution centre.

Invicta Warrington: +44 01925 594472 
        Maidstone : +44 01622 754613

All Invicta personnel carry relevant qualifications and are fully site certified.

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We offer a complete range of value added site solutions encompassing:-

  • Penstock supply and installation 
  • Valve repair, refurbishment and replacement
  • Valve supply and installation.

Within these 3 services we also provide:

  • Site surveys and health checks
  • Inspection
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Commissioning
  • Scheduled maintenance and servicing contracts
  • Small civil engineering installations
  • Supplementary electrial services
  • Design and manufacture of ancillary equipment
  • Post contract training
  • Penstock Installation and Maintenance

    Project management. Specialist design. Site audit / feasibility. Installation and commission. Bespoke solutions. Design packages. Penstocks, in spite of being one of the simplest types of valves used in the water cycle, are notoriously difficult to successfully install. The most common post installation issues are leakage and the inability to operate – Invicta are regularly  called upon to refit and commission penstocks installed by companies who do not have Invicta’s level of experience and expertise. As a result of this Invicta Valves have become the “go to” penstock installation provider. Their solution will typically start with either a site audit or time spent with the project designer to assist in ensuring the correct product selection. Following this will be recommendations on the installation points. Invicta will then install the penstock - along with any associated ancillaries - test and commission.  Invicta valves can carry out this service with products from any manufacturer. They do however have access to the full range of AVK Penstocks should a supply and fit package be required.  

  • Valve Repair and Refurbishment

    Specialist project management. Site audit / feasibility. Valve replacement and refurbishment. Installation and commission. Bespoke solutions. Specialist design. The collective 150 years of valve design and manufacturing experience by AVK in the UK is now enhanced by over 3 decades of Invicta’s added-value valve and penstock related site solutions. Key to their expertise is their long association with valves of all descriptions including gate, butterfly, check, knife gate and penstocks. As a result Invicta are called upon to inspect and recommend resolutions to a whole range of valve issues including operational failure and leakage. Repair and refurbishment is often the most economical recommendation. This will be carried out either in-house or on-site dependant on the individual circumstance. Actuators and related ancillaries are included within the scope of the offer. This service is applicable to any manufacture and type of valve, however Invicta can draw on the full range of the AVK valves, penstocks and fittings.  

  • Chamber Survey and Refurbishment

    Specialist bespoke design. Site audit / feasibility. Project Management. Valve replacement and refurbishment. Installation and commission. Chlorination. Electrical and minor civil works. For over 30 years Invicta Valves have installed and refurbished equipment into new and existing chambers. Their reputation is such that they are considered specialists by Utility Companies and their delivery partners. Invicta are increasingly engaged to carry out surveys and feasibility studies and then to supply a fully engineered solution including design, bespoke pipework and actuation equipment manufactured in-house. A fundamental part of this offer also encompasses their expertise in valves as described in the previous section. Electrical and minor civil works, full set-up and commissioning will be supplied as part of the scope of works.

  • Network Leakage Management

    Specialist Project Management. Full network audit / feasibility. Facilitate leakage repairs. Pipe measurement. Pipeline supply and installation. Installation and commission. Bespoke solutions.  Chlorination. Under pressure connections / hot tapping / flow stopping. The AVK UK group are in constant dialogue with Utility Customers and therefore align themselves with their key drivers; leakage reduction and water sustainability being clear priorities. High levels of water lost through leaks in either pipe or equipment, before it reaches the customer, are a source of unwanted expenditure and publicity for the water companies. Leakage points on water networks have been recently highlighted as contamination risks. If a system is allowed to go to vacuum conditions it is critical that all equipment is correctly selected and if already in place is working to its optimum capability. Invicta offer local technical expertise including a full network area audit using both data and by viewing airflow and pressure management equipment. They can then facilitate leakage repairs and equipment refurbishment or replacement as identified.  

  • Flowstopping diversion and repair

    Complete on-site repair service. Flow-stopping and diversions. Planned and emergency. In-house repair fitting manufacture. Bespoke solutions. The fast detection and repair of leakage from water mains is a key driver of OFWAT and the Water Utilities alike and is a fundamental consideration in the AMP6 determinations. A slow response to leakage is a waste of one of our most valuable resources and is costly in terms of loss of business reputation and revenues. Invicta can supply a full on-site repair service, which includes both flow stopping and diversions to ensure continuity of supply where required. This can be supplied on a planned or emergency basis. This service is supported by our fittings manufacturing facility, AVK Syddal, who can supply repair clamps, collars and a full range of couplings, flange adaptors and tees to DN1200 and above on a variety of service offers from planned to emergency supply. Products and site solutions are supplied through our 24/7 emergency service 0800 202 8228  

  • Dam Reservoir and Hydro Solutions

    Bespoke solutions. Specialist design packages. Valve specification. Installation and commission. Project management. Site audit and feasibility. Skilled and experienced designers. Repair and refurbish. With increasing pressure on the supply and demand of water both in the UK and globally, it has become increasingly necessary to capture and store more water, and also, to harness the power of water to produce green electricity. AVK through the Glenfield Valves operation have over 100 years involvement with this critical sector and have assisted in the specification and design of well over 100 schemes around the world and continue to be a highly rated supplier. Our skilled and experienced engineers can advise on valve specification and design working closely with clients to ensure that the optimal valve type, size and operation is chosen for each application. AVK can also supply site solution teams to install and commission products and also to repair, refurbish and maintain valves previously installed. 

  • Case Studies - Engineered Solutions

      BYPASS VALVES AND PIPEWORK LOCATION : ELMER DATE COMPLETED : AUGUST 2015  The job required the supply and installation of valves and pipework for a bypass arrangement for a backwash system at a water treatment site. The customer needed the bypass arrangement to enable them to service the actuated flow control butterfly valve without having to isolate the flow to the system.     DAM BOARDS - 7 DAYS - DESIGN, MANUFACTURE, INSTALL LOCATION : BECKTON DATE COMPLETED : SEPTEMBER 2015  With a seven day timescale to meet, the project was to design, supply and install six fabricated steel dam boards to isolate a section of aeration lanes in a waste water treatment plant. An additional consideration was to complete the project around other work being carried out in the aeration lanes. As specialists in this field, Invicta Valves met all the criteria and the seven day deadline was achieved.       110 PENSTOCKS - SUPPLY, INSTALL AND REFURBISH LOCATION : BECKTON DATE COMPLETED : ON-GOING A complete solution package. 110 penstocks were supplied and installed to replace existing penstocks, flap valves and dam boards. Special extension spindles and brackets were designed and manufactured in Gr 316 stainless steel to connect the various penstocks and disc flushing valves up to the operating levels. All the necessary equipment required to carry out the installation was also supplied       GATE VALVE REFURBISHMENT IN SITU LOCATION : ROUNDHILL DATE COMPLETED : 2013  The challenge of this project was to refurbish five gate valves with actuators in situand involved the stripping down, actuator removal and the addition of a manual gearbox - all in a very tight deadline.   The valves created an additional challenge having table “D” flanges and being in very tight installation conditions. During the project the valves were also converted from electric to manual actuation to improve the ease of operation and to make them more cost effective.     HEALTH CHECK LOCATION : CHERTSEY DATE COMPLETED : 2010 The project: To carry out a health check survey, report on the condition of the valves and supply a recommendation to either overhaul or replace the valves.   The valves were located in confined space areas making it difficult to identify old equipment.       YSTRSDFELLTE DAM AND SPILLWAY LOCATION : BRECON BEACONS NATIONAL PARK DATE COMPLETED : AUGUST 2015 As a result of an inspection on the reservoir in 2011, under the Reservoirs Act, it was found that the spillway had insufficient capacity by modern standards.   The valves were located in confined space areas making it difficult to identify old equipment.   The only way to control these flows and provide sufficient energy dissipation was to install a free discharge valve, and a Glenfield Series 857, DN900, met the Dŵr Cymru - Welsh Water specification.   The valve and hood were delivered in May and commissioned in August 2015. Glenfield Valves engineers were on-site to supervise the successful commissioning of the valve.  

  • AVIT Installation Tracker

      THE NEW ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM* FROM AVK UTILISING A NEW PURPOSE BUILT, USER FRIENDLY MOBILE APP & WEB PORTAL. AVK Valve Installation Tracker uses a QR code platform, designed to give full traceability of your assets providing the data on each installed valve, and gives the opportunity to review the quality of the installation. This combined with a unique GPS pin location and a picture of each installation ensures that you have a complete, accurate and auditable record of very valve installed. Furthermore, all the data recorded can be exported into standard data formats for integration into the clients existing mapping systems. * Patent pending.  The app   FULL TRACEABILITY IN A FEW SIMPLE STEPS... The QR code is generated when the valve successfully passes all the relevant test procedures. It assigns a unique serial number for the product which is linked to the full material and test records. When installed the data record becomes complete from raw material to accurate position and application.         Download the app Scan the code Set the location Take the illustration picture The portal