Valve Supply and Installation

Invicta Valves provides a complete supply and installation service for both our own range of valve products and those of AVK Group.

This provides our customers with a single source solution that offer many benefits such as considerable cost savings, minimal plant shutdowns, reductions in site programmes, long term solutions and extended warranties. We offer installation on a wide range of valve products including gate, butterfly, check, knife gate and plug to name a few. Our Site Engineers are fully certified, qualified and experienced and with our team you can expect solutions, not only products.

The valve supply and replacement service offering includes: 

•  Site Surveys •  In-House Fabrication Service •   Commissioning
•  Design Input •  Ancillaries • Supply and Installation •   Service and Maintenance

Tel: +44 (0) 1622 754613    Email: sales@invictavalves.co.uk

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