Worcester Sewage Treatment Works

The Worcester Sewage Treatment Works (STW) has been subject to a £4.5 million upgrade project during AMP6 in order to improve its facilities.

The project was divided into four schemes covering processes such as new sludge dewatering and handling facilities and will provide several benefits including improving handling capability and the replacement of malfunctioning equipment.

Invicta Valves were engaged by Costain on behalf of Severn Trent Water to supply and install valves and pipework for two primary settlement tanks (PST’s) in chambers at Worcester STW, whilst they remained operational. This project would prove extremely challenging due to the corroded condition of the existing equipment and the confined space in which the work would be carried out and several companies had already declined to be involved.

However, after carrying out a difficult diagnostic survey in an 8m deep chamber, Invicta’s Site Engineers were confident that the work could be undertaken safely and that they could design a package that would provide a long term solution with minimal plant shutdown and within a week, Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) were prepared.

Working in close collaboration with Costain and Severn Trent to isolate and over-pump the chamber, Invicta removed the existing equipment before installing new AVK gate valves and Orbinox knife gate valves and penstocks, along with associated pipework and ancillaries fabricated at their in-house workshop (see top  image).

Invicta completed the project to the utmost satisfaction of Severn Trent Water and received a written commendation from Costain’s Site Agent, Andy Mountford, which has helped them to secure further work at their AMP6 CiM6 joint venture with MWH. 

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