Coronavirus - AVK in the UK Communications

Communicating with AVK Companies during the period of home working. Issued 24th March 2020, 2 of 2 24-03-2020

Dear Customer.

Continuing with our commitment to keep you updated on our latest policies as regards the current COVID-19 pandemic-

Further to our communication earlier today where we announced that all staff, where they are able, are to work from home from close of play today - 24th March.

This update is to inform you that you will still be able to contact us in the same way that you would have done prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

All of our incoming landline numbers are diverted to mobile phones; if for any reason the call doesn’t get answered, you may hear a message service from a mobile provider.

You may also get return calls from mobile numbers in response, although most staff working from home will be encouraged where possible to contact you via Skype calls.

The AVK 24 Hour, Emergency Service Number 0800 202 8228 for repair fittings will continue to operate as normal.

Our e-mails will continue to be fully operational.

AVK Group in the UK Directors

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