LEAN Training - 5 Day UK Programme

AVK UK has been practicing LEAN manufacturing for 3 years now, and have now successfully completed Module 2 training. 05-02-2019

Beyond the benefits of efficiency and productivity AVK has integrated LEAN manufacturing into its company culture. The improvements across quality and performance levels has seen measurable benefits across all manufacturing facilities.

Following the success of the Module 1 training, LEAN Consultants were recently invited to the UK to embark on module 2.

The 5 day programme began with an introduction to the LEAN principle, presented by Paul Hubbard, Regional Director AVK Holdings A/S, at the AVK Syddal manufacturing site in Hyde Manchester. This was followed by an summary of the LEAN journey to date, delivered by Fran Brody, Managing Director AquaGas Manufacturing at Corby, Bryan Donkin Valves Ltd in Staveley and AVK Syddal.

The programme concluded with a review of the LEAN process at Bryan Donkin Valves Ltd, AVK’s gas valve production facility in Staveley and included a factory tour showcasing current processes, an overview of the LEAN KPI display boards and the reporting structure, given by Andy Powell Production Manager, Bryan Donkin Valves Ltd.


AVK Syddal, Manchester 

The images below show the delegate training facilitated by Global LEAN Consultants. Learning activities engaged and presented back to the delegates

AVK LEAN training and quality

Hands-on shop floor training.

 Here we see a shop floor ‘GO, LOOK, SEE’ exercise. An exercise used to facilitate direct observation.

AVK LEAN training delegates excerise

Below showing the delegates undertaking a demonstration and training of a ‘STAND IN THE CIRCLE’  exercise. An exercise to provide a 360-degree view of the process.

AVK LEAN circle observation training


Localised Business Unit meeting. Delegates observed the Team Leader reflecting on :-

1. Safety, Hazards and Observations, Labour Efficiency, Utilisation and 5S Standards within the working area. '5S' are standards set to eliminate waste and increase productivity by simply making the workplace easier.  The five key elements - 5S -, begin with the letter 'S' -  Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.


Delegates observed the Production Manager conducting the meeting with departmental Managers and Shop Floor Supervisor and Team Leaders. The meeting specifically concentrating on business top level KPIs:


Bryan Donkin Valves Limited

Production Manager, Andy Powell gave a brief overview of LEAN at Donkins followed by a factory tour showing all processes, Localised Boards and SQDIPM reporting.

AVK LEAN training delegates and factory tour

Factory Tour and Localised Shop Floor Reporting Boards overview given by Team Leader.

The programme organised by David Parkinson* (Continuous Improvement Manager UK) provided delegates with a unique opportunity to see the LEAN process in action and the business improvements as a direct result of this.

We would just like to thank everyone who took part in the 5-day training and to all who contributed in making the visit enjoyable and worthwhile.

Please contact Andrew Grafton for more information about AVK UK LEAN.

*David Parkinson is no longer with company.  Please contact Andrew Grafton f you wish to know more about AVK's Lean Programme.



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Download a copy of the 5 day programme.

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