Ollies Army - Battling Against Battens

Helping Ollie and his Army work on a cure for Batten disease. 04-11-2019

Ollie Carroll is an eight-year old boy with Batten disease. His younger sister, Amelia, has Batten disease too. A rare neurodegenerative disease, Batten is fatal. Sadly, both Ollie and Amelia are unlikely to reach teenagerdom. 

Ollie’s family, his Army, have raised thousands of pounds to support research into Batten disease and to give Ollie and Amelia the best quality of life, despite their complex medical needs. AVK is proud to have helped Ollie’s Army in its fundraising endeavours and to raise awareness of this little known but devastating disease.

In September, AVK sponsored a table and prizes at a fundraising ball organised by Ollie’s family and friends. The event raised over £25,000, a staggering amount as anybody who has been involved in charitable fundraising will recognise. One of AVK’s representatives at the ball was Group Chairman, Paul Hubbard:

‘The ball was both an inspirational and a humbling experience. The positivity of Ollie’s family and friends was incredibly uplifting and a reminder to all of us blessed with fit and healthy children of just how lucky we are. It was a privilege to be able to help.’

Ollie’s Army has a very active Facebook page – Ollie’s Army Battling Against Battens, can be found on twitter, and have a website – olliesarmy.co.uk– all of which of include information on Batten disease, Ollie and Amelia’s journey, and the opportunity to donate.

Ollies Army Battens Disease event
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