NEW PE Tailed Resilient Seated Wedge Gate Valve

AVK UK are pleased to announce the launch of our PE tail resilient seated wedge gate valve. 07-07-2022

This development has been made for customers who are looking for a durable pipe system that gives a reduced risk of leakage, is durable and is also easy to install.

The AVK Series 36 polyurethane (PE) tailed Resilient Seated Gate Valve (RSGV), is the perfect solution, and AVK’s range of gate valves with PE pipe ends enables our customers to design a fully welded PE pipe system up to 630mm.

The concept is used extensively throughout Europe and is established in the UK Gas Industry. The valve can offer 100% leak free integrated valve installations and has been used for the past 30 years.

WRAS approved materials, compliant with BS5163 and WIMES 8. 09 compliant, the valve brings all the established quality benefits of the current AVK Series 21 flanged RS wedge gate valve to this new model.

Options of SDR11 or 17 PE pipe, CWC or CWO and 100% UK manufactured, supported with holiday free internal coating, the valve meets the needs of the water industry to lower time to install, overall installation costs and comparison carbon level reduced.

The Advantages of Using PE Pipe

Get the Full Advantage

The advantages of using PE pipes are many and so are those of using valves with pre-mounted PE pipe ends as part of your PE pipe system. Most importantly, the valves with PE pipe ends will be an integrated part of the PE pipe system. There will be a significant reduction in potential leak paths due to no couplings being required during installation, the joints will be as strong as the pipe itself.

Added benefits include the fact that the same welding joints can be used for all joints (the material for pipe and valve is the same), avoiding costly and time-consuming mistakes, while ease of use and simplicity of the Series 36 PE tailed RSGV really does make it an easy choice to make.

There is also a 10-year warranty on all series 36/89.

What’s not to like?

Strong Valve/Pipe Connection

In our production process a piece of standard PE pipe is pressed directly onto the grooved valve end, and the grooves combined with a sleeve around the valve/pipe connection ensures that the PE pipe material is firmly secured and that the connection remains tight and tensile during the entire service life of the pipeline. The connection is sealed with a shrink hose to provide corrosion protection.

PE Tailed Gate Valve Key Features and Benefits:

  • Complete removal of flanged/compression joints
  • Complete removal of potential leak paths
  • Limited pipe end preparation
  • Quicker installation
  • Suitable for electrofusion and butt fusion
  • Maintains pipeline integrity – valve fully integrated into pipe system
  • Same welding parameters throughout the entire network
  • Reduction in assembled carbon footprint

Reduce Your Installation Costs - Save up to 35% on installation 

Total installation time of this new valve is 56 minutes compared to 86 minutes using a traditional methods, as demonstrated in trials and case studies. The PE tailed gate valve allows a smaller trench and reduced time within the trench due to less component parts leading to a much quicker installation. See the brochure for more information.

Technical Brochure and Animation

Read more about the AVK PE tail resilient seated wedge gate valve download the technical brochure here or on the link below.

Watch the short animation below to see the features and benefits, and how quick and easy they are to install - saving up to 35% on installation costs.

Contact AVK 

To find out how the AVK Series 36 PE tailed Valves could benefit you and your network, call Graham Charnley on the phone number shown or click on the email icon to write to him directly. 


PE Tailed Resilient Seated Gate Valves

Features, benefits, technical and installation information.


Gate Valves with PE Tails

Watch this short animation showing the features and benefits of the gate valves with PE tails.
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