AVK Series 764 Eccentric Plug Valves

The AVK Series 764 Eccentric Plug Valve for water and waste water 18-04-2018

AVK’s eccentric plug valve range offers unparalleled strength and robustness
in the most demanding of situations.

AVK eccentric plug valves for pump control shut-off and throttling service in a variety of applications from potable water, raw water and waste water treatment to mining and general industry - where the ability to control and isolate flow is key to the operation.

  • Easy to use product.
  • UK manufacture – local engineering and technical expertise.
  • Very low maintenance requirements.
  • Available in pressure ratings up to 16 Bar.
  • Flanged to suit BS EN 1092-2 PN16.
  • Sizes DN80-300
  • Available from stock at AVK UK

The plug is fully vulcanized with AVK’s own rubber compound which, due to its sturdy design and double bonding vulcanization, features an outstanding durability due to the rubber’s ability to regain its original shape.

The valve can be manually operated via lever (dependant on size), gearbox or with an electrical actuation using the multi-flexible ISO mounting flange.

Eccentric Plug Valve Series 764

1. Standard ISO mounting flange on all sizes - allows for on-site adaptation for gear boxes, powered actuators, or extension devices on to standard valves using the integral ISO flange in the bonnet.

2. The fully encapsulated plug rotates in self lubricated stainless steel bearings, located in the body and bonnet, along with upper and lower PTFE washers - ensure consistently low operating torque.

3. Plug is fully vulcanized and available with AVK™s own NBR or EPDM rubber compound which, because of its sturdy design and double bonding vulcanization, features outstanding durability with the plugs rubber™s ability to regain its original shape.

4. 95% pure nickel seat welded onto cast body - corrosion and erosion resistance specifically profiled for low torque and extended life.

5. Flange feet on larger sizes - easier to transport and offers greater stability and safety.

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