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When every second counts....count on AVK Valves and Hydrants 03-05-2018

Safety comes first – do not compromise on quality.

AVK offers high quality, robust products that operate faultlessly even after a long period of inactivity.

Build long life into your systems Firefighters rely fully on their equipment to function perfectly when needed. Therefore, it is crucial that the products installed are highly reliable, are easy to maintain and last a lifetime. AVK is a leading supplier of high quality hydrants and valves for fire protection and sprinkler systems. AVK’s high quality design is based on thorough research of the customers’ needs.

From design to finished product AVK products are manufactured in modern factories using state-of-the-art technology, computerised machining centres and robots to ensure precision and uniformity. The overall framework for quality, from development to distribution, is our extensive quality assurance system certified to ISO 9001

When every second counts.....

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