All in a day’s work: from Cadent emergency support to Cadent customer

AVK’s Series 85 Donkin Certus Valve to the rescue and secures gas leak.

When the National Gas Emergency Service, run by Cadent, ring the AVK emergency repair clamp fittings hotline, the call is answered by Julie Hyland.  AVK’s rapid response team put emergency orders into action immediately and Julie makes sure the required repair clamps and under-pressure tees arrive on site as quickly as possible; anywhere across the UK…including Brampton, Chesterfield where Julie lives!

When the team installing a smart meter in her cellar detected a gas leak, they immediately evacuated Julie’s Mum, who was housesitting at the time and called out the ‘National Gas Emergency Service’ run by Cadent. A corroded gas entry pipe was diagnosed as the source of the leak and the repair team set to, by digging up Julie’s garden path and installing an AVK UK Donkin Certus valve and access chamber. The Certus valve enabled the team to isolate the gas supply to the cellar, a PE to steel entry pipe was installed and the gas was reconnected – all in one afternoon.

Cadent Donkin Certus Valve Emergency Installation Gas Leak


‘The service from the Cadent team was brilliant and I think they were surprised to come across someone who knew more about the products they were installing than they did!’ commented Julie. ‘They even suggested I might like to help out by doing the electro-fusion jointing. It was really interesting to see the emergency team in action as it ’closed the loop’ on the service I provide every day as part of my job.’


Donkin Certus Valve Emergency Installation Gas Leak Cadent


Click on the the below links to learn more about the Donkin Certus Valve, including links to product animations, and also the AVK 24/7 emergency repair fittings service.



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