For wastewater, reinforced polyamide, compact design

Graham Charnley

Graham Charnley

Senior Business Development Manager - Water

Short combination air valve - PN16 for wastewater treatment to max. 60°C (temporarily up to 90°C)

AVK combination air valves are designed to combine large volume of air discharge/intake whilst filling/draining a pipeline with automatic discharge of air deliberated from the fluid. They feature an innovative design with a large air gap between liquid and sealing system. A spring between stem and float compensates for slight pressure changes and maintains the air gap ensuring reliable function even when used with aggressive liquids and liquids carrying solid particles. Chambered option available

Variant 701/95-010
Connection: External BSP Thread
DN: DN50 - DN100
PN: PN 16


  • Orifice sizes: Automatic 12 mm², kinetic 804 mm²
  • The large air gap between liquid and sealing system ensures a reliable function even when used with aggressive liquids and liquids carrying solid particles
  • The large orifice in the automatic valve releases large volumes of air when the line is under pressure
  • The spring between the stem and upper float compensates for slight pressure changes
  • The lower float system with float of polypropylene and stem and spring of acid-resistant stainless steel ensures high corrosion resistance
  • The conical body with funnel-shaped lower body allows maximum air volume within minimum valve length and prevents accumulation of deposits at the bottom
  • The body of reinforced polyamide features low weight
  • Drainage and flushing from external clean water source is possible through the drain in the valve’s side
  • An exhaust tube can be mounted to the quick connector at the valve
  • With connection flange or 2”-3” BSP thread
  • Working pressure range: 0.05 – 16 bar
  • Chambered option available



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Reference nos. and dimensions:

Ref. no. DN
Connection L
701-050-95-190033 50 50 MM 264 571 7.5
701-051-95-99003 50 2" BSP 264 566 6.8
701-080-95-190033 80 80 MM 264 571 7.8
701-100-95-190033 100 100 MM 264 571 8.0
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1. Base Reinforced PA
2. Body Reinforced PA
3. Clamp Stainless steel 316
4. Float assembly PP
5. Body Reinforced PA
6. O-ring NBR
7. O-ring NBR
8. Float stopper PP
9. Float washer Stainless steel 316
10. Spring Stainless steel 316
11. Float Foamed PP
12. Domed nut Stainless steel 316
13. Washer Stainless steel 316
14. Seal plug assembly EPDM/PA/SS
15. Clamping stem Reinforced PA
16. Pressure release drain Stainless steel 316
17. Quick connection 1½" PP


  • Hydraulic test according to EN 1074-1 and 4 / EN 12266.
  • Approved for wastewater
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