Fixed EPDM liner, duplex/rilsan coated disc, DN50-200

Graham Charnley

Graham Charnley

Senior Business Development Manager - Water

Centric butterfly valve with fixed liner - semi lug - duplex disc for water and neutral liquids to max. 110°C

AVK centric butterfly valves with fixed liner feature an outstanding seating concept. The rubber is injection moulded directly on the valve body forming a permanent bond. Consequently, there is no risk of deformation or dislocation of the liner making the valves suitable under vacuum conditions. The combination of the profiled disc edge and the excellent AVK rubber quality ensures maximum durability of the liner.

Variant 75/31-020
Connection: Flanged
Material: Ductile Iron


  • Bonded vulcanized liner of drinking water approved EPDM with an excellent compression set and thus ability to regain its original shape
  • Streamlined disc with minimum flow resistance
  • Profiled disc edge requires minimal deformation of the liner to achieve tight sealing, and results in less wear of the liner
  • Disc, shaft and conical pin of duplex steel in DN≤200. Disc of rilsan coated ductile iron, and shaft and conical pin of stainless steel in DN≥250
  • Shaft bearings of PTFE coated steel
  • Top shaft sealing: DN≤350: Bronze bushing with two EPDM O-rings, DN≥400: EPDM O-ring in bushing fixed with countersunk screws of galvanized steel
  • Bottom shaft sealing: DN≤350: Plug of galvanized steel with a copper sealing ring, DN≥400: Axial bearing and ring of alubronze and an EPDM O-ring, protected by a cover plate of galvanized steel
  • Low torques as a result of the profiled disc edge and fixed liner design
  • Ductile iron body with 200 μ epoxy coating blue RAL 5017


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1. Shaft Duplex steel
2. Bushing Bronze
3. O-ring EPDM
4. Body Ductile iron GJS-400-15
5. Bearing PTFE coated steel
6. Conical pin Duplex steel
7. Disc DN≤200 Duplex SS, DN≥250 DI
8. Shaft Duplex steel
9. Liner EPDM
10. Bearing PTFE coated steel
11. Seal ring Copper
12. Plug Galvanized steel


  • Hydraulic test according to EN 1074-1 and 2 / EN 12266.
  • Approved according to DIN-DVGW Certificate NW-6201AP2412
  • Approved according to KIWA Certificate K 6070/05


  • Face to face according to EN 558 table 5 basic series 20
  • End connection to en-GB 1092-2 PN 10/16
  • WIMES 8.09 Compliant
  • Drinking Water Inspectorate Regulation 31 compliant
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