Cast iron seated BS body, rubber seated disc, EPDM rubber/brass bushing

Resilient seated swing check valve with free shaft end for drinking water and neutral liquids to max. 70°C

AVK swing check valves provide easy access to maintenance simply by unscrewing a few bolts and lifting the bonnet assembly including shaft and disc out of the body. The disc is fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber and is mounted in a nylon bushing allowing it to move slightly horizontally and vertically to achieve compete tightness. AVK swing check valves are available with closed bushings and with free shaft for mounting of lever and weight/spring.

Variant 41/20-001
Connection: Flanged
Material: Ductile Iron
DN: DN50 - DN300
PN: PN 16


Full bore and low head loss.

Shaft of stainless steel fitted in the bonnet allowing easy access to maintenance.

Hinge of acid-resistant stainless steel in DN 50-200 and ductile iron in DN 250-300, tightened around the shaft with bolts to eliminate play and thus ensure durability.

Bonnet gasket of EPDM rubber in a groove between bonnet and body.

Disc with steel insert fully vulcanized with EPDM rubber. Due to its light weight a minimum of force is required to open and close the valve.

The disc is mounted in a nylon bushing, which allows it to move slightly both horizontally and vertically to close completely tight also in case of minor impurities in the seat.

Body and bonnet of ductile iron with epoxy coating to DIN 30677-2

Possible to mount lever and weight for installations with an increased risk of water hammer at standard velocities. The weight is adjustable on the lever to achieve an optimum closing speed and a careful closing against the seat. Can be installed in different positions.

Possible to mount lever and spring to prevent water hammer at high velocities


Reference nos. and dimensions:

AVK ref. no. DN
41-050-20-018 50 PN10/16 203 110 233 14
41-080-20-018 80 PN10/16 241 140 233 17
41-100-20-018 100 PN10/16 292 150 256 22
41-150-20-018 150 PN10/16 356 195 334 42
41-200-20-008 200 PN10 495 230 386 67
41-200-20-018 200 PN16 495 230 386 67
41-250-20-018 250 PN16 622 270 692 161
41-300-20-018 300 PN16 698 300 692 238


Datasheet (PDF)
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Installation, Operation & Maintenance
Outline drawings DWG
Outline drawings DXF
Outline drawings IGS
Outline drawings STEP
Price list


1. Bolt Stainless steel A4
2. Nut Stainless steel A2
3. Washer Stainless steel A4
4. Bushing PA
5. Disc EPDM encaps. steel
6. Body Ductile Iron GJS-500-7
7. Gasket EPDM
8. Bolt Stainless steel A2
9. Pin Stainless steel A4
10. Hinge Stainless steel 316
11. Key Stainless steel A4
12. Bonnet Ductile Iron GJS-500-7
13. Washer Stainless steel A4
14. Thrust plate Stainless steel
15. Bushing, closed DZR brass
16. Tab washer Stainless steel A4
17. Bolt Stainless steel A4
18. Shaft Stainless steel 420
19. O-ring EPDM
20. O-ring EPDM
21. Bushing, open DZR brass
22. O-ring EPDM


  • Designed according to EN 1074 - 3
  • Face to face according to EN 558 Table 2 Basic Series 10
  • Standard flange drilling to EN1092 (ISO 7005-2), PN 10/16
  • WIMES 8.09 Compliant
  • Drinking Water Inspectorate Regulation 31 compliant
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