AVK UK Charity partnerships

At AVK UK, we work in partnership with charity organisations across our region.

We are passionate about giving back to our local communities. Our aim with all our partnerships is to work together to provide lasting change and positive outcomes.

Our 2021 partner:

Aquabox Charity Supplying filters for safer drinking water

Aquabox is a Derbyshire-based charity.

Since 1992, Aquabox has supplied AquaFilters into disaster areas. These filters enable those affected to transform potentially contaminated water from streams and wells into safe drinking water. For many, this safe drinking water is fundamental to their survival, as well as reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases such as cholera.

Just one Aquabox family filter turns half a million litres of water into safe drinking water. Aquabox, has a goal to provide clean water for 100,000 people around the world.

You can find out more about Aquabox at www.aquabox.org or visit the Aquabox LinkedIn page.

How AVK UK are supporting Aquabox.

Our Stories:-

It's early days but soon we will have some more stories to share about our Aquabox activities and all links to the latest news will be found here!

Reaching our target. 

For every £17 we raise, Aquabox can provide a life changing family water filter that provides one litre per minute, half a million litres of clean drinking water over its working life.

Help us reach our target of £2,000 to provide clean water for people around the world.

You can support by making a donation today to either the Aquabox AVK just giving page or Aquabox direct.

Fundraising events:-

You can find out more about AVK/Aquabox upcoming fundraising activities here:

  • 5K-a-day: AVK UK Employees challenged to a 5K-a-day through out July 2021 - see the link below to see how we did.


Contact the Aquabox Ambassadors:

If you would like to know more about AVK and Aquabox or perhaps you would like to talk to us about a fundraising opportunity then speak to one of our AVK Aquabox Ambassadors today! Simply click on the contact panel above or on the email address here  ambassadors@avkuk.co.uk. Alternatively call +44 (0) 1246 479100.  We'd love to hear from you.

Download previous newsletters here:-

April 2021

Press Release

AVK UK Proud to Support Aquabox

Read our Aquabox Press Release and meet our Aquabox Ambassadors.
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