Control Valve Flexible Pilot System

Patented pilot system and unique features

Modular Pilot System

The modular design has interchangeable parts and offers great flexibility because the pilot system is easily altered to fit other or multiple applications without replacing the valve. The pilot system has three main components:
(1) The distribution block - connects the pilot system to the main valve. As a unique feature, it offers independent opening and closing speed, easily adjusted using standard tooling, and giving full control e.g. in situations, for example, where water hammer may occur.
(2) The filter has a high capacity and is easy to maintain. When using the optional flush valve it also has ease of access for cleaning, while the valve is in operation.
(3) The hydraulic control block can be set up for different applications. It offers easy hand adjustment of the balanced pilot valve and is capable of very precise settings.

AVK Control Valve modular system

Pilot System Features

  • All metal parts are stainless steel AISI 316.
  • The modular design makes it easy to fit the pilot system to other or multiple applications.
  • The independent adjustment of the opening and closing speed gives full control.
  • High capacity filter is easy to maintain.
  • Hand adjustment of pilot therefore no need of special tools.
  • Achieves very precise setting.
  • A compact and neat design.
  • Use of standard components.
  • Standard tools.

Compact Design Feature
Because the external pipework takes up less space it is less vulnerable to damage during installation compared to many other control valves.

It has been designed using components with standard threads which offers ease of sourcing replacements and ease of fitting using standard tools. All metal parts are of stainless steel AISI 316.

The below video shows how easy it is to change the application.

10-year warranty - the safe choice
Designed according to EN 1074-5, AVK diaphragm operated control valves provide network stability, accurate regulation, ease of maintenance and long durability.

The AVK control valves size range is DN 50-300, with either reduced or full bore. Reduced bore control valves are appropriate for most applications because the smaller bore offers more accurate regulation. Control valves with a full bore are recommended if high Kv values are needed, for example, in front of hydrants.

Valve Design Features:
(1) the large diaphragm design provides fast reaction to changes in pressure. The asymmetric axial position gives less stress near closed position.
(2) The lifted seat design prevents damage inside the valve body caused by cavitation.
(3) The parabolic plug design provides precise regulation and stability at low flow. It also reduces noise and vibration. See the characteristics illustrating the performance compared to a standard flat plug design.

AVK Control Valve diaphragm and performance

High Quality WRAS Approved Materials
The body and bonnet are ductile iron with fusion bonded epoxy coating - GSK approved.

The diaphragm, manufactured by AVK GUMMI is made of drinking water - WRAS - approved EPDM rubber with polyamide reinforcement.

All non-coated internals are stainless steel AISI 316 and all materials are WRAS approved.


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