NEW: Extension to range - The AVK Double Pentobox

Water meter boundary boxes: less trouble with an AVK double! The new AVK Double Pentobox sets a new quality benchmark for water meter boundary boxes. 16-09-2019

Uniquely, the footprint of the AVK Double Pentobox’s surface box and lid is identical to that of the standard AVK Pentobox. Installing an AVK Double Pentobox rather than two singles results in less disruption to the integrity of the footpath surface, a better aesthetic, and a reduction in any potential health and safety hazard. 

The boundary box lid is potentially the only water company asset that many customers come into contact with, therefore it is worth taking the time to review the options available.  The AVK Pentobox range boasts a unique sealing design, reducing damage on installation and day to day use, ultimately ensuring that flooded boxes are a thing of the past. This ensures that your customer gets a positive feeling when operating the only Utility asset which they encounter; maintaining your SAP scores and your customers experience. 

AVK Pentoflow double box water mains to meter box installation


The AVK Double Pentobox is designed for installation in the footpath, driveways and cross overs and is able to withstand a 5-tonne loading. There are significant time and cost savings from excavating one hole rather than two: less time to dig and more importantly, quicker to back-fill and reinstate; less virgin back-fill and reinstatement material needed. 

The AVK Double Pentobox retains the class-leading engineering of the standard AVK Pentobox: a fully sealed unit, one-piece mouldings for the meter manifolds and patented push-fit de-mountable connections. Fitting on site is made easier by the AVK Double Pentobox’s telescopic height adjustment and the surface box features a 7˚ angle of tilt in any direction to accommodate gradients.

The chamber of the AVK Double Pentobox has been crafted to ensure that access for meter fitting and replacement is simple and straightforward. The chamber has been designed with the future in mind with space to accommodate tomorrow’s generation of larger smart meters.

From a logistics perspective, the AVK Double Pentobox requires less storage space than two single boundary boxes: less space in the distribution warehouse, in the van, and on site. Environmentally, the AVK Double Pentobox is lighter to transport and uses far less plastic. At a time when the use -and abuse - of plastics is firmly in the public spotlight, this makes the AVK Double Pentobox a really positive choice for utilities and their contractors.

However, the most exciting thing about the AVK Double Pentobox is that you can order it today! To place your order, check technical specifications or find out how you can add the AVK Double Pentobox to your list of approved products simply call our boundary box specialist, James Pick, on the details above.

Mains to Meter

The AVK Pentobox Range

The AVK Pentobox Range is part of the successful Water Mains to Meter offer from AVK - see the range here.
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