Contaminated Ground AVK Pentobox

AVK Pentobox approved for use in contaminated land 12-03-2020

The AVK Pentobox range of female threaded water meter boundary boxes has successfully completed the testing needed to achieve accreditation to BS 8588:2017. BS 8588 applies to pipes, fittings and ancillaries used for potable water supply in contaminated land. Both the AVK Pentobox with female threaded acetal manifold and the AVK Pentobox with female threaded gunmetal manifold gained accreditation.

Contaminated land often contains hydrocarbons and other toxins which could have serious health implications if they entered the water supply. It’s a fundamental requirement of BS 8588 that the entire ‘system’ – polyethylene barrier pipe, fittings, meter box – is tested as a single entity. Potable water was pumped into the AVK Pentobox rig which was immersed in a toxic cocktail of contaminants. After 60 days the water was tested and found to be pure, with no trace of pollutants. The tests were undertaken by global testing house, RINA.

Gunmetal is a traditional and accepted material used in applications across the water sector. As the focus on safety and sustainability becomes more intense, some water companies have looked for alternatives to gunmetal as it typically contains 3% lead. Acetal, or polyoxymethylene to give it its proper name, is a very stable polymer with good chemical stability and no porosity. It functions well in environments where moisture is present and is machinable to very tight tolerances. From the designer and installers’ perspective Acetal is an ideal material choice as it has high impact strength and resilience.


AVK Pentobox Water Meter Boundary Boxes for contaminated ground


James Pick, who led the AVK Pentobox testing programme, is AVK’s business development manager for its water mains to meter offering:

‘The AVK Pentobox range is truly exceptional. All AVK Pentobox variants include Grade B variants which means they can be fitted in the footpath and in driveways subjected to regular traffic. The range includes the AVK Double Pentobox which houses two meters with very little increase in footprint.

Accreditation to BS 8588 means installers can fit  AVK Pentoboxes whatever the ground conditions. Water companies can specify gunmetal or acetal as they prefer. I think the benefits of the acetal manifold – lightweight, lead-free, strength – make it a very attractive option.’

Find out more about these products and the full AVK Pentobox range contact James Pick shown above – click on the email icon to send an enquiry or call on 07568 429327.


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