NEW - The AVK Pentobox with Ductile Iron Lid

AVK introduces a ductile iron lid option in to its successful AVK Pentobox water meter boundary box range. 01-10-2019

AVK has extended the appeal of its AVK Pentobox water meter boundary box by providing users with the option of a ductile iron lid. The ductile iron lid is a Grade B municipal casting capable of withstanding loads up to 5 tonnes and is suitable for use in areas subject to occasional vehicle access.

James Pick (shown to the right) has project managed the introduction of the ductile iron lid: 

Clients’ preference for a composite or ductile iron lid is very much a matter of personal taste, much like choosing to drive a diesel or petrol car. There are some marked regional variations, with ductile iron lids proving particularly popular in Scotland and areas of Yorkshire and Wales.

With the ductile iron lid, most of the traditional features of the AVK Pentobox remain the same. For example, the AVK Pentobox surface box allows for 7˚ of tilt adjustment to accommodate gradients on pavements, and the boundary box itself has a telescopic height adjustment from 545 – 845mm.

Unlike a composite lid, selecting the ductile iron option means the AVK Pentobox is no longer fully sealed. However, there are two knock-outs in the bottom of the box to enable any water ingress to drain away. If you are using AMR-enabled (Automated Meter Reading) water meters our composite range of AVK Pentoboxes are better suited as they do not disrupt the signal.'

The ductile iron lid is now available ex-stock. 

The AVK Pentoboxes are part of the innovative AVK Pentoflow range, developed to ensure your product requirements from the water main to beyond the water meter are met and exceeded.

For further information please contact James directly on the details above, simply click to email.


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