Discover the Hidden World of Valves.

Journey into our Interactive Pipelines. With most valves, fittings and network products hidden away it can be difficult to visualise the many typical installations and product uses. Step into this hidden world.

AVK’s interactive world throws open the doors to let you see and explore the many applications.

The AVK world shows you where network products for water, wastewater, gas, and fire protection are typically installed.

How do I explore the AVK world?

The world has icons that represent the different installations within that category - blue for water, green for wastewater, yellow for gas and red for fire protection – which reveal the application when you hover over them.

Click the icon to open the installation. Once inside, you can hover over the icons next to the product to learn more.

Discover. Explore. Learn. Have fun. AVK World of Valves

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Fire Protection - Indoor

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Gas Distribution

Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Outlet

Wastewater TreatmentIncluding Non-Conventional and Biogas


Water Distribution

Water Plant

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