Water Network Efficiency

The water industry is under pressure to continually develop its approach to managing and operating assets to meet the challenges of resilience. As the catastrophic and dramatic failures make the news, every failure impacts on the network’s performance.

Vaccum, Air Entrainment and Water Hammer are the common causes of pipeline failure.

Extending the life of water utilities assets and developing robust systems to avoid premature failures, water utilities can save money on;

• Replacement of the asset • Managing the existing asset, to react to a changing environment  • Plan for the future by creating a more resilient high performance water utilities system.

We are here to help. The links below explain the issues and offer solutions using a combination of product types, sizing and installation locations. 

Repairs are invariably costly:  AVK’s Network Safety Solutions offer will help the industry efficiently and safely meet its targets, reduce leakage and service failure across maintenance and replacement activities, taking into account the OFWAT directives and changing environment. 

The impact of network failure extends far beyond service delivery. When a pressurised main fails the physical safety of water company personnel and the general public is at risk.

Selecting the correct valve

Selecting the correct valve in both diameter and type will allow water utilities to manage their networks more efficiently during any 24 hour period, and it is here that the valve manufacturer’s knowledge of how best to use his own product really pays dividends.

Choosing the right valve. 

Whilst the basic functions of air valvesallowing air to leave or enter the network,  control valves; regulating pressure and flow, and check valves ; protecting upstream assets – are straightforward, identifying the right one for your specific application can be daunting.

Use our FREE OF CHARGE technical services and training sessions:  

Talk to an AVK engineer. Our team of experienced product specialists can walk you through the specification process. 

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A simple guide to understanding network issues and solutions

Network Safety Solutions

Maximising Efficiency, Minimising Cost, Protecting Systems
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