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AVK launches national campaign to focus attention on network safety. 03-11-2020

AVK has launched a national campaign to raise awareness of the vital importance of network safety. 

AVK’s campaign focuses on both the physical safety of water company personnel and the protection of vital infrastructure such as pipelines, pumping stations and treatment works. It addresses three of the principal causes of network failure: water hammer, air-entrainment and negative pressure

Water and wastewater networks are expensive to build and challenging to maintain and repair. AVK’s campaign seeks to provide additional support for water engineers, specifiers and procurement teams to design, specify and procure the correct products to ensure network safety and avoid the cost of compromise.

To help water engineers, protect their system, AVK will be delivering a series of educational webinars on network safety, the first of which, will take place on Thursday, 26th November at 10am. Delivered by Graham Charnley, AVK UK’s network safety specialist, the webinar will last for approximately 1 hour followed by a question and answer session - to register click the link below.

Network Safety Solutions Webinar

The webinars will be supported by the release of a Network Safety Solutions brochure and safety technical papers.
Choosing the right valve is critical

The key to avoiding system failure and maintaining a safe network is choosing the right valve. This may sound trite, but it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Each of the key valve groups involved with network safety – air valves, control valves, check valves – have multiple variants. Criteria influencing specification include pipe diameter, material, flow rate, head, pressure wave velocity, valve spacing, valve material…to name just a few!

Maximising your efficiency. Minimising your costs. Protecting your system.

Valves in network safety applications are integral to continuity of supply as well as safety. Replacement in this context is costly, time consuming and impacts heavily on customer service. 

Engineers specifying the correct AVK valve will minimise maintenance interventions and protect their network. The design of AVK valves operating in network safety scenarios focuses on automatic and trouble-free operation combined with ease of installation and maintenance.

These design criteria are underpinned by AVK’s longstanding commitment to, and investment in, product approvals and quality systems accreditation's. The goal of these approvals and accreditation's, supported by AVK’s experienced service and technical team, web platform and onsite engineering support, is to provide the reassurance water engineers are looking for to validate their decision to specify AVK valves.

Potential network failure is the cost of compromise. Why take the risk?

If you need clarification on any aspect of valve, hydrant or fittings specification then simply contact our Network Safety Specialist Graham Charnley on the detail shown above.

Click the link below to see AVK's Network Safety Solutions



Maximising your efficiency. Minimising your costs. Protecting your system.

Network Safety Solutions

The images on the right demonstrate the principal causes of network failure: water hammer, air entrainment and negative pressure. Valves in network safety applications are integral to continuity of supply as well as safety.

Choosing the right valve is critical.

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