Corrosion Free Air Valves

AVK UK Series 701 Reinforced Nylon Air Valves 100% Corrosion Free! 26-01-2021

The AVK Series 701 water and waste water air valves manufactured with a 100% reinforced nylon body, improving whole life cost. Minimum of 50% saving on installation time.


• Reinforced nylon body and base - 100% corrosion free

• Market leading minimum sealing pressures 0.05 Bar

• 10 Bar and 16 Bar options available

• Enhanced performance - small orifice discharge 10 times greater than conventional units

• Light weight for easy on-site handling


• Fabricated off-site for quicker site installation

• Reduced installation costs by approx. 25%

• Integral isolator - quick shut off to the valve

• Chambered versions have a quick release valve assembly connection for future ground level maintenance - no confined space entry.

• Odour control and inflow checks options available

• Additional air valve chambered options available

We offer free product recommendation to achieve the most effective and efficient installation for your project - contact Luka directly on the details shown above, click to email.

See the links below  to download a copy of this page and read more about how air valve efficiency can maximize your pipeline.

Protect your Pipeline

Air Valve Efficiency

Correct air valve use provides protection from transient pressures and entrapped air in pipelines - the main causes for the bursting, collapsing, and fracturing of pipelines. Sometimes the value of these valves in the system is underestimated resulting in neglect or being closed off.  We can help, read more.. 
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