AVK UK Proud to Support Aquabox

AVK UK links up with Aquabox to provide clean water for those impacted by natural disasters 10-05-2021

AVK UK is the leading provider of valves, fittings and associated support services to UK water companies. It is now leveraging the skills and expertise of its workforce to help Aquabox provide clean water to those impacted by natural disasters around the world.

Aquabox is a Derbyshire-based charity. Since 1992, Aquabox has supplied AquaFilters into disaster areas. AquaFilters enable those affected to transform potentially contaminated water from streams and wells into safe drinking water. For many, this safe drinking water is fundamental to their survival, as well as reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases such as cholera.

Central to AVK UK’s support for Aquabox is the sponsorship of five AVK UK employees – AVK-Aquabox Ambassadors - to work alongside Aquabox volunteers. The AVK UK team will work on a variety of initiatives such as improving logistics, assembly processes, and marketing. AVK UK has also committed to providing direct financial support and fundraising throughout the year.

The AVK UK team is drawn from across Group companies with members located as far afield as Essex, Kilmarnock, Rugby and Chesterfield. It includes specialists in service delivery, procurement, business development and sales.

Paul Hubbard is Chairman of AVK UK:

‘AVK UK takes its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) responsibilities very seriously. Before linking up with Aquabox, I met with their representatives and quizzed them on their financial stability and their plans for the future. I was impressed with their drive to double the number of filters and aid boxes they ship each year, and the way they partner with aid agencies in disaster areas to ensure the filters are deployed effectively.
Water is fundamental to life and ensuring its safe and effective distribution across the UK is at the heart of what we do at AVK UK. I am confident that our AVK-Aquabox Ambassadors will help Aquabox meet its targets and improve its systems and processes. It’s a really worthwhile and inspiring charity.’

Our AVK and Aquabox Charity page is now up and running click here to find all the latest charity news and where you can also follow our progress

You can find out more about Aquabox at www.aquabox.org.


AVK and Aquabox Partnership

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