Expect Awards 2018

AVK in the UK. Annual ‘Employee Expect Awards’ recognise another year of success. 21-01-2019

Following another successful year,  AVK companies in the UK held its annual ‘Employee Expect Awards’ to recognise excellence and reward employees who exemplify our core values

This year’s winners were announced at the Proact Stadium, Chesterfield in December 2018. Nominees enjoyed a 3-course meal during the opening address delivered by Gayle Broadhurst, Group Finance Director.

AVK recognises and acknowledges each of its employee’s efforts, and this year has been no exception. We are very pleased to offer our congratulations to the following individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment, dedication and performance in line with one or more of the 8 AVK ‘Expect Promises’.

The individual categories are; Innovation, Customer Service, Customer Response, Expect More of Yourself and a Team Award for the Best AVK UK Site.


Carl Barker (GH Fusion) - Carl demonstrates an attitude and behaviour that reflects the core values of AVK, taking on additional responsibility with the progression of the GH Fusion business. Driving through visible improvements within GH Fusion across all functions; housekeeping, procedures, new product offering, GHF investment. Carl is an ambassador for change management and continues to work on factory improvements.

David Hurley (AVK UK)Dave was awarded the innovation award for his resilience in the development of the AVK Control Valve and more recently for his expert input into the development of Smart Water Network solutions, utilising ACMO which will further develop over the coming months providing an exciting new income stream opportunity for the company.

Customer Service

Paul Fletcher (Fusion Group) - Paul is an integral part of the team. He has very high working standards ensuring that his KPI’s are met with the utmost professionalism, working with both internal and external customers ensuring their requirements are always exceeded. He ensures that the turnaround time for testing is met, actively assists other team members and suggests system improvements.

John Inns (Fusion Group) - John is professional, hardworking and dedicated to his team, role and the company. John’s primary customers are not just the internal team of Fusamatic and Sales but also the work he undertakes to external organisations such as PEAK. He ensures that the turnaround time for testing is met, actively assists other team members and suggests system improvements.

Wilson McPhail (AVK UK) – Wilson has established long term partnerships with customers and continues to go the extra mile to ensure customers receive the very best service from the AVK Group. Wilson has fully supported sales for GVL and Invicta in Scotland, demonstrating the ‘One Team, 3 Brands, Many Solutions’ approach of our projects team.

AVK Expect Award winners 2019

Customer Response

Tracy Ellson (AVK UK) – Consistently delivers high quality work and she is always prepared to take on extra work often over and above her standard duties. Tracy leads by example within her department, always willing to adapt to change and offer the business and colleagues her full support.

James Moore (AVK UK) – James has been the backbone of the Credit Control function in AVK UK for over 10 years. His approachable, professional and confident manner with customers has resulted in continuous improvement in our debtor days, with performance now running circa 68 days.

Expect more of yourself…

Melanie Girvin (Fusion Australia) - Melanie was a key driver in the implementation of the new Skipper IT system, whilst also ensuring financial statements were on time and accurate. She ensured compliance was maintained, whilst playing a significant role in the recent office move. Unphased by the overwhelming work load, Melanie consistently met her 'day job' deadlines, in addition to, taking on new challenges and resolving issues with a positive outcome.

Tomas Janusaitis (AVK Donkin) – 2018 across the operational companies has been very challenging with growth which exceeded our expectations. This delivered a new set of challenges which Tomas managed exceedingly well. He is always available to support both sales and operations and demonstrates excellent customer service with his can-do attitude.

Chris Tappin (Invicta) - Chris is the embodiment of what this award stands for. He is someone who is always willing to go the extra mile for the company and regularly works above and beyond the call of duty. More importantly, he does this with a positive attitude and with a smile on his face. He regularly volunteers to complete PQQ’s for tendering opportunities, in addition to, offering his assistance in the management and administration of Glenfield’s ISO and Achilles accreditations. Chris continues to step up to the challenge.

2019 AVK Expect Award winners

Best Factory (AGMC Corby) – The ‘Best Factory Expect Award’ is awarded for outstanding performance across 7 disciplines; H&S, Service on time delivery both requested and promised, customer complaints, absenteeism, overhead costs and stock days. This award is not judged against one individual but encompasses the entire company’s contribution.

In 2018, AGMC recorded zero reportable accidents, one accepted customer compliant, 1% reduction in operating cost and a reduction of 9 days’ worth of stock. AGMC absenteeism was 1.2% and demonstrated a 1% reduction on the previous year. A collective effort from all involved this notable achievement displays a continued team effort in embracing initiatives and exceeding goals.

People at the heart of our success  - As a business we know that our employees are a key factor to our ongoing success, as well as, an essential contributor to the solutions we deliver to our customers. We are extremely proud of these award winners and for the recognition they have received for their contributions to our business performance. And of course, we are extremely grateful to everyone throughout the company for their continued dedication, effort and hard work.


Each year, AVK UK employees demonstrate their exceptional skills and dedication to their peers and the business. The ‘Expect Employee Awards’ is our way to say thank you to all those who actively display our core values.

We are already on the look-out for our 2019 nominees!

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