218 Module Meter Riser

The Donkin Series 218 Meter Module Riser Fittings 10-05-2018

As part of our Donkin Mains to Meter range of products, AVK UK introduce the new Meter Module (Governor) Riser Fitting.

The Donkin Series 218 Meter Module Riser Fittings are transition fittings designed to connect the underground PE pipework to the Emergency Control Valve at the inlet of a Meter Module. They can also be used on the outlet pipework to transition back to PE from the steel.

  • Factory fitted PE tails are jointed to the fitting according to GIS/PL3 standard and are available in lengths from 0.5 meters to 1.5 metres.
  • Purpose designed positioning plate (X) secures the fitting to the concrete pad to ensure that the correct height (H) is guaranteed.
  • Steel body is fusion bonded epoxy coated for added corrosion protection.
  • PE100 pipe to GIS/PL2: Part 8 and PE80 pipe to GIS/PL2: Part 1.
  • ≤ 63mm x 2” – BS21 male screwed connection.
  • ≥ 63mm x 2” – PN16 flanged connection with split flange ring.
  • Designed in conjunction with UK Gas Distribution Networks requirements


Available from 25mm x ¾" screwed connection through to 250mm x DN250 split flange connection.

For use up to 7 bar pressure depending on the type of PE Pipe used.

Designed and manufactured to be fully compliant with the dimensional requirements of SP/SER/8 specification

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