AVK Valves and Fittings for Renewable Gas

Valve and Fitting Solutions from Digester to Grid and CHP

As part of the AVK group we have the advantage to access products that suit all types of renewable gas applications.

For example, AVK UK are able to offer a complete solution for all sections of a Bio Gas Plant regardless of Feedstock type, Slurry or Bio Waste and whether the process includes Siloxane (synthetic silicone derivatives) removal. We can also provide a solution for gas that is used locally or converted into Biomethane and fed back into the grid. 

Using the knowledge and local expertise of Donkin you have access to the substantial range of products from :-

• Donkin Valves in Chesterfield - manufacturer of ball, gate and parallel slide gas valves.
• AVK Syddal in Hyde Manchester - manufacturer of a complete range of fittings.
• Aqua Gas Manufacturing in Corby - water valves and swing check valves.
• Wouter Witzel in the Netherlands - manufacturing vulcanised butterfly valves.
• Interapp in Switzerland - manufacturing loose liner butterfly valves.
• Cyl and Orbinox in Spain - manufacturing knife gate valves.
• Tec Artec in Germany - manufacture high pressure ball and plug valves.
• Syntec / AVK Plastics in China - manufacturing the PE ball and butterfly range.

Renewable Gas Schematic

It is important when choosing valves and fittings for use on a biogas plant that the correct products are chosen for each particular section of the process. Overall in the connecting pipeline assemblies you could have a requirement for knife gate, wedge gate, resilient seated, butterfly, ball and non-return valves depending on the process. To select the correct valve for the application the following general points should be taken into consideration:

• Carbon steel should not be used on biogas due to the H²S, content. It is recommended for these applications that stainless steel be used for valve internals and the valve bodies be either cast/ductile iron or stainless steel.
• Consider the level of H²S when choosing valve sealing materials. Viton is recommended over nitrile if the H²S content is above 200 ppm.
• Consider the pressure drop through the valve. Use clear bore wherever possible. Consider that butterfly valves have line restriction.
• Knife gates are recommended if the feedstock is more than 10% solids.

AVK manufacture a vast range of products suitable for the various types of renewable gas :-

 Product  Isolation of Biogas  Isolation of Biomethane
(Renewable Natural Gas)
 Wet Applications  (non gas)
 Gate Valves  Donkin CI Small Diameter Donkin CI Small Diameter Small Diameter Socket Connections
   Donkin CI Large Diameter Donkin Outside Screw
 Small Diameter PE Tailed
    Donkin Coke Oven Parallel Slide Small Diameter Flanged
      Small Diameter for Actuation
      Small Diameter Metal Seat Flanged
 Ball Valves  2 Piece Stainless BSP Donkin Certus PE100  
   2 Piece Stainless Flanged Donkin Steel PN16  
   2 Piece Stainless Flanged Split Body Donkin DI Reduced Bore  
   2 Piece Stainless BSP ISO Mount    
   3 Piece Stainless BSP    
   2 Piece Stainless Wafer Flanged 3 Way    
 Butterfly Valves Centric Full Lugged Centric Full Lugged Double Eccentric
  Centric Wafer   Centric Semi Lug
   DI Lugged    Centric Lug
 Non-return / Check  Valves  Dual Plate Flangeless Wafer  Dual Plate Flangeless Wafer Swing Check, Free Shaft
      Swing Check, Free Shaft, Metal Seat
 Actuators  Pneumatic Actuator   Pneumatic Actuator   
   Electric Actuator   Electric Actuator   
Eccentric Plug Valves     Eccentric Plug Valves
Knife Gate Valves     Non-rising Stem and Handwheel
Fittings     Combi Flange for DI Pipes
      Flange Adaptor
 Air valves  
 Combination, PN16
 Combination, PN10

NEW - AVK's Gas Handbook

AVK UK Gas Handbook

Comprehensive guide of AVK Donkin gas valves and fittings plus technical and application guidance. (Large file)
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