Climate Change

We are aware of the importance of reducing the electricity consumption, as it adds to the emission of CO². We are also aware of the fact that clean water is a scarce resource. Therefore, the AVK Group has outlined a number of very strict objectives for our production companies as far as electricity and water consumption are concerned. Consequently, all of our companies put high efforts in reducing the consumption, wherever they can and even get a direct saving as a side benefit.

Every AVK employee is motivated to identify areas of improvement in the way we do business to the benefit of the environment. We do not only focus on activities and processes in our manufacturing companies, but also on the behaviour and business model of our suppliers

AVK Products and Embodied Carbon Content

The high design quality of AVK products helps to minimise the effects of AVK products on the environment. AVK Products are built with key considerations: ease of installation; reliability; longevity and low maintenance. Therefore, AVK Products need to be replaced less often than similar products. This results in less energy intensive digging processes, preventing environmental effects both globally (see climate change section) and locally (dust, noise, etc).

AVK UK have a defined process for calculating embodied carbon across manufactured products. This process known as ‘Cradle to Gate’ considers all activities starting with the extraction of materials from the earth (the cradle), their transportation, refining, processing and fabrication activities until the material or product is ready to leave the factory (the gate).

The embodied carbon data for stocked products, produced at our UK manufacturing facilities - Donkin, Aqua-Gas and AVK Syddal is now available upon request.

Operational carbon refers to carbon dioxide emitted during the manufacturing process; This includes the emissions from heating, cooling, lighting and ICT. Embodied carbon refers to carbon dioxide emitted during the manufacture transport and construction of building materials together with end of life emissions 


AVK UK is committed to conducting its business operations in as environmentally responsible manner and recognises the need to continually improve its operations in order to reduce the effect on the environment.

Working Environment

AVK UK aim to provide a comfortable working environment for employees. In May 2011 new coating plant was installed at Aqua-Gas Manufacturing Ltd. The new coating plant will provide a pleasant working environment, free of hazardous paint. Currently new efficient lighting is also being tested for Aqua-Gas Manufacturing Ltd to increase the light levels in the factory. The Staveley site is a spacious new build site with new efficient lighting and ample natural light.

Emergency service

Through the new AVK 24/7 emergency call out service our engineers will reduce the amount of waste water or gas at the point of a leak using AVK repair clamps. This in turn will reduce the energy involved in the transfer of water. In addition, emissions will be avoided through minimising disruption to traffic. 

Click here for our Emergency Service page

The Environment Award

Bryan Donkin—Winners - Derbyshire Best Business Award - The Environment Award

AVK UK has a separate policy for carbon management and is committed to reducing emissions from our processes.  The policy will be available to down load here soon.

AVK UK Green Papers

Read the latest enviromental update from the AVK UK Group

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