EXPECT prompt response

WHY this promise is important

From the customer’s perspective, our valves, hydrants, fittings and accessories form partial yet vital parts of complex installations. Therefore, our deliveries have to be punctual, as delays or misunderstandings can seriously jeopardise the entire process.

At AVK, we acknowledge the importance of this interdependence, hence it is not just our product deliveries that have to be prompt and timely – it is the whole organisation that has to be highly responsive to our customers’ needs.

HOW we will strive to deliver this promise

For AVK, timely service and customer feedback are of crucial importance. Customer feedback is collected and processed by our local units on a continuous basis. This way, our local teams of market specialists can foresee emerging needs, strive to keep tight deadlines and endeavour to respond with accuracy, flexibility and punctuality to our customers’ demands


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