Smart Water Communications

Modern IoT Communication Ensures a Flexible Solution

The VIDI devices, on the AVK Smart Water product, are using state of the art IoT communication to ensure great radio performance, long battery life and high data security.

By default, the devices are using a LoRa communication network. The LoRa network coverage can either be established as a private network by mounting one or more LoRa gateways or by using existing third-party LoRa networks.

There are several third-party providers of LoRa coverage. If desired, it is possible to make an agreement with one of these providers to let the devices be read by their LoRa network. The cost for network coverage varies from around 50p per device per month depending on the operator. 

By establishing a private network, the costs of the communication are even lower. Once the LoRa gateway is installed, the only expenses are the power for the gateway and the small amount of data for the installed SIM card. 

Data where you need it – no strings attached.

Regardless, if data is read by a private or third-party provider, the data can be transferred to the place where it can create most value.

It can be an advantage to integrate the data into an existing SCADA or GIS system. This can be done directly from third-party LoRa provider or via the VIDI Cloud. It often makes sense to combine integration to existing SCADA or GIS systems with a VIDI Cloud access where data can easily be handled and interpreted for quick overviews. The AVK Smart Water solution accommodates many set ups. However, utilities have different requirements in relation to reading and using the data; it is thus up to each utility to decide which setup best suits its needs.

Turn unknown factors into easily accessible data with VIDI Cloud software, anytime, anywhere, any device, any browser.

This data will allow you to make improvements, and thereby optimise your operation and ensure a more efficient water supply. VIDI Cloud gives you full mobility and enables you to operate your system in an agile and cost-effective way. VIDI Cloud is a web platform for aggregated data visualisation; data collected from VIDI devices. It is intuitive and enables you to generate value from data by transforming it into comprehensive information. You can review data in:

• Analytics • Diagrams • Manuals • Photos • Maintenance reports • Alarms

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AVK Smart Water Brochure

AVK Smart Water Management

Network Monitoring. Intelligent water networks - enabling assets to communicate directly with the operator. 

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Smart Water

AVK Smart Water - an intelligent solution to monitor and report activity in water networks directly to the operator. 

AVK Smart Water

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