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Educating, Sharing, Understanding - AVK Free of Charge Training Courses 08-07-2019

As business leaders, AVK UK’s commitment to service goes above and beyond the day-to-day activity; we have a responsibility to ensure customers receive the best from our products and as such we offer free training and insights into the manufacturing processes. 

Our training sessions are tailored to your requirements and held at any of the AVK offices across the UK, or, at your convenience, at your site. Any number of delegates can be catered for and training is suited to the various levels of experience and product knowledge – from new employees through to refresher courses for advanced engineers. 

Courses range from a 1-hour Lunch and Learn session (yes…we bring the lunch) through to half day, a full day, to a 2-day course visiting the AVK manufacturing facilities across the UK. 
Training covers: -
1. Applications - understanding which products can be used and where and where NOT to use. Many AVK UK products overlap in terms of duty and so it’s the engineer’s job to decide which product is best suited to an application, be it pressure, operation, working envelope or duty.

2. The Manufacturing Process - many engineers unfortunately only get to see the product either on site or on a data sheet, therefore a factory tour is a key benefit in terms of providing an inside view of a valve or fitting and how these are manufactured from the raw material. Also, gaining an understanding of AVK’s LEAN engineering processes and complex supply chain gives additional insight into the manufacturing process.

3. Innovation - AVK UK continues to innovate and introduce new products to existing ranges and it is important for upcoming engineers to understand how innovation thrives in a collaborative environment. 

AVK UK prides itself on sharing this breadth of knowledge and know-how, not only with our own apprentices, but also with our customers’ apprentices and graduates and in doing so, we continue to contribute and support the next generation of engineers.

If you would like to learn more or book one of our training courses, please contact our product specialists listed below or your AVK representative: -

NOTE: Should your training requirement extend over one or more product groups our Product Managers will coordinate this for you.

To know more about AVK training courses and, typically, what can be involved take a look at the case studies below.

Cadent Gas AVK Donkin Training Event

Cadent Gas Ltd network supervisors are given an insight into AVK UK’s provision of solutions not only products and quality in every step.

AVK and Wessex Water On-site Training Programme

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