Cadent Gas Training

Cadent Gas AVK Donkin Training Event

Cadent Gas Ltd network supervisors are given an insight into AVK UK’s provision of solutions not only products and quality in every step.

Over a 3 day event, a total of sixteen network supervisors from gas distribution company,Cadent Gas Ltd, recently visited the AVK Donkin Factory in Staveley where they received a series of presentations and a short training course on the benefits, quality and heritage of AVK’s gas products.

Each day a new group of network supervisors were warmly received by AVK personnel.

Ross Chester*of the UK Gas Sales team explained the objectives and the content of the event.

“We wanted to put together a day that was full of good and informative content about AVK UK gas products and to be able to fully engage and get to know the Cadent network supervisors.”

Each day began with a presentation about the heritage of Bryan Donkin Valves Limited who produce a vast range of high performance valves and accessories for the gas supply industry from its state of  the art manufacturing facility in Staveley. Donkin gas valves and fittings have been used in the UK and worldwide gas industry for over 160 years and are suitable for all types of pipe systems.

“We felt that it was important to give a brief history lesson about Bryan Donkin valves limited and the fact that they have been manufacturing excellent quality and resilient products for such a length of time, the first gas valve being manufactured in 1857. Products that were made more than 100 years ago are still in action today, exceeding their 50 year expected life span.” Ross continued.

The supervisors were then given a short training course on earlier valve design. This was a ‘hands on’ course where they could look at valves in more detail and learn to identify the previous generations of valves in the network that have been superceded.

The training completed, the Cadent team were given a guided tour of Donkin’s factory site where they were able to inspect the array of gas products that AVK UK has to offer, an insight to the types of products supplied to Cadent and the innovations the company has developed.

Two examples of product supplied are the PUR polyurethane coated Series 555 valve (a product adopted by Cadent) and governor riser fitting in both PE80 and PE100. A new innovative, Series 217, factory entry elbow with a split flange was presented to the network supervisors emphasizing the main benefit of eliminating the need to employ a coded welder at installation.

To conclude the day AVK UK’s quality manager, Jerry Payne, gave a presentation explaining the exceptionally high quality standards, including the recently rewarded TS standard which AVK are the first manufacturer in the gas distribution sector to achieve the international standard, and processes that all AVK UK’s products have to undergo.

“This was a great opportunity for the Cadent and AVK UK’s teams to get together, network, share knowledge and best practice. We have had some positive feedback from those network engineers who attended.” Ross concluded.

Wayne Broadhead, network supervisor, repair operations for Cadent said,

“I would like to extend a thank you from the whole team, I am hearing great feedback and appreciation for the days you put on for us.”

If you would like to visit any of the AVK UK sites to understand more about us, our manufacturing processes or would like training - hands on, on site (at your premises or AVK's) or on-line please contact Tom Vinall on the above details.  We'd like to hear form you.

*Ross left AVK to focus on his family business - we wish him all the best.

Series 555

Series 217

AVK Donkin Factory Entry Elbow

Series 217 AVK Donkin Factory Entry Elbow
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