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AVK introduces ‘Pipeline Fitting Solutions’ - its extended and updated mechanical fittings range for Gas and Water 29-04-2019

AVK UK is proud to announce the launch of ‘Pipeline Fitting Solutions’, its extended and updated range of mechanical fittings. ‘Pipeline Fitting Solutions’ consolidates different product strands in a single offering supported by a team of dedicated technical and commercial specialists.

Twelve months ago, AVK launched ‘Project Clarity’. This project combined a detailed internal review of mechanical fittings with external market research. The internal review looked at factors such as range, product design and logistics. The market research looked at how fittings are used on site, brand perceptions and customer priorities.

The team leading ‘Project Clarity’ commented:

‘In the past, the industry has possibly seen mechanical fittings as the ‘bridesmaid’. ‘Project Clarity’ sought to challenge this perspective both internally and externally. It was prompted by Ofwat’s challenge to the water industry to reduce leakage in AMP7. This focus on leakage has undoubtedly raised the profile of mechanical fittings, including repair clamps, in the minds of engineers.

Our first step with ‘Project Clarity’ was to consolidate all of AVK’s mechanical fitting ranges. We identified opportunities to meet Ofwat's challenge and have worked to incorporate this into the range. For example, we have increased the maximum size of our standard tensile resistant fittings from 400mm to 1200mm. We have created additional fabrication capacity and can now accommodate client requests for even larger sizes.

We have updated our range of under-pressure tees and redesigned larger sizes to make them more user-friendly. Under-pressure tees are available in stainless steel and cast iron as standard, and we offer a ‘specials’ fabrication service in mild steel.

Our external research indicated that we needed to be able to respond even more quickly and effectively to requests for technical and commercial support from utility procurement specialists, engineers and our own AVK pipelines team. To achieve this, we have created a new team dedicated solely to mechanical fittings. The team was tasked with providing support on site including ‘lunch and learn’ sessions.

The desire to offer industry-leading support also led to investment in automated robotic welding at the AVK Syddal facility in Manchester. Robotic welding enables us to offer a comprehensive and market leading emergency response service to utilities and contractors for both gas and water.

We are really excited about the ‘Pipeline Fitting Solutions’ range and service. Our challenge now is to make sure the industry is aware of our mechanical fittings range and the scope of market leading support we are able to offer.’



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