Smart Water Positioners

VIDI Positioners can detect whether the valve is opened or closed.

Valves are a very important part of the water distribution network, and utilities have thousands of them installed. Here, they all serve a variety of crucial functions such as dividing and isolating subsections and controlling pressure and water flow. 

Most valves are buried in the ground, which makes it difficult to know exactly where they are, if they are opened or closed, and whether they are damaged or not. Worst case scenario, a wrongfully opened or closed valve can influence other measurements such as flow or pressure, and thereby give incorrect information about the distribution network’s real condition. This can affect the utility’s ability to ensure a fully functional water network and the best service for consumers.

Optimise operation by checking the quality of measurements

VIDI Positioner will provide utilities with valuable insights by digitally monitoring the position of valves. With its open/close feature, VIDI Positioner can detect whether the valve is opened, closed, or any percentage in between.

With VIDI Positioner installed, water utilities will receive data from critical points in the water network and give them the opportunity to check the quality of other measurements such as pressure and flow. Based on the data, water utilities can optimise the operation of the water distribution network, extend the lifetime of assets, and perform efficient NRW reduction.

Increase the quality of data with VIDI Positioners.

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