Smart Water Sensors

Sensors monitor and diagnose network problems, developed for AVK core products such as gate valves, fittings, and hydrants.

When installed, the sensors will provide data directly from applications in the water distribution network and send the data to the dedicated software platform. This digital monitoring solution makes it 
possible to optimise the operation of a water network by saving resources, reducing water loss, and optimising the general planning and operation activities within the network. 

Monitoring with state-of-the-art technology

By installing AVK Smart Water sensors in the distribution network, utilities can achieve a transparent network that makes it possible to remotely monitor and diagnose problems, prioritise, and manage maintenance issues, and optimise the entire network’s efficiency.

AVK Smart Water sensors include:

  • VIDI Positioner for valves and hydrants
  • VIDI Open/Close
  • VIDI Flow, VIDI Pressure and VIDI Temperature
  • VIDI Level

The sensors send data to VIDI Cloud, a software platform developed and provided by AVK Smart Water. Through an API, the sensors can also send data into your preferred IT system. This makes it easier to compare data and compile a complete overview of the distribution network. 

Through digital monitoring, AVK Smart Water paves the way for reduced water loss from leaks, increased workflow efficiency, and a clearer overview of network conditions.

Effectively lower water loss

One of the most efficient methods to reduce background leakage and bursts is better pressure management. VIDI Pressure sensors provide the data needed to efficiently manage pressure, which will help utilities minimise leaks throughout the distribution network.

In addition, with the leak detection feature in VIDI Cloud, advanced algorithms use data from VIDI Flow sensors to monitor leakage levels. This will enable utilities to prioritise resources and reduce leak run-time.

With VIDI Positioners on valves, utilities will receive an alarm when assets are operated. That way, utilities can limit the water loss due to tampering 
and theft from hydrants and public accessible gate valves.

Increase workflow efficiency

Intelligent pressure sensors from AVK Smart Water will provide utilities with the data needed to manage pressure throughout the distribution network. This will result in less network on-site visits as there will be fewer bursts to repair and lower energy consumption for pumps as the set point can be reduced, and generally it will extend the lifetime of your assets.

VIDI Pressure and VIDI Temperature provide the transparency needed to efficiently support customers’ calls as all relevant network information is ready at hand, thus enabling utilities to further improve customer service whilst spending less time on support.

VIDI Positioners and VIDI Caps eliminate time wasted on investigating the status of valves and hydrants while streamlining maintenance work. The solutions automatically keep track of the latest use and increase efficiency throughout the distribution management.

Better overview of network conditions

There are many risks related to water distribution. Low pressure entails a risk of intrusion of polluted water and poses a serious health risk for consumers. With VIDI Pressure sensors, utilities will be warned if pressure falls below a certain set point.

Hydrants and publicly accessible gate valves are potential entrances for pollutants either by mistake or intentionally. VIDI Caps for hydrants and VIDI Positioners for gate valves help manage this risk by alerting utilities if hydrants or valves are opened.

The overall solution from AVK Smart Water keeps track of the current state of the water network. VIDI sensors register changes in the hydraulic setup e.g., when a valve is opened or closed or when the pressure, temperature, or flow are abnormal in the network. With such misconfigurations, utilities risk loss in hydraulic performance and pressure, which can result in increased energy costs.

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