Smart Water Management

An Intelligent Solution to Monitor and Control your Water Networks

Why do we need Smart Water Management?

Globally, 80% of wastewater is released back into the environment without adequate treatment. United Nations

74% of global natural disasters are water-related United Nations

Over 3,000 million litres per day are lost through leakage in England

Every day, water companies face challenges related to water supply management. The potential impact on water scarcity, increased water consumption and high energy costs are just a few of the challenges forcing water companies to think of innovative solutions to overcome them. 

What is Smart Water Management?

AVK and AVK Smart Water has developed a new intelligent solution with the use of IoT (Internet of Things) devices installed on AVK quality products; these smart devices enable you to proactively monitor and control your water distribution network. By installing our products with fitted sensors, this enables the devices to communicate with a dedicated intelligent platform, allowing you, as the operator, to collect detailed, real-time information directly from the assets within the distribution network, thus providing a detailed status across a range of products such as gate valves, air valves, check valves, pressure reducing valves, hydrants, flushing valves and more.

Access data anywhere, anytime

A safe and resilient solution for pressure management and Non-revenue Water (NRW). It also acts as an assurance of water quality to ensure a safe water supply to the consumer 24/7. You can easily access and process data on a standard IT device (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone) with the AVK Smart Water VIDI Cloud application. 

Smart Measurement and Easy Analysis

AVK has developed its VIDI family of smart water solutions. As the name indicates, the VIDI approach emphasizes solutions that work for water companies across all five layers of the smart water network model: from the physical assets such as valves; to sensors and control technology; data collection and communication; data management and display; right through to analytics.

VIDI Cloud is AVK’s web platform that captures, manages and displays the data from VIDI sensors. The VIDI Cloud platform aggregates data and providers the user with multiple options as to how their data can be viewed: charts and graphs, maps, dashboards and more. Extracting data from VIDI Cloud is straightforward and enables water companies to import data into, for example, legacy SCADA systems for full network analysis.

Reduced leakage

A reduction in leakage, is just one aspect of an increased focus on customer service in the water sector. Water companies want to be able to identify and remedy problems before they impact on their customers. Having a smart sensor on every valve, hydrant and pump detecting and communicating changes in pressure, temperature and flow in almost real-time enables water companies to react quickly to problems and maintain supply. 

Improved Revenue

The smart sensor VIDI Pressure helps monitoring water pressure and provides you with crucial information about your water network. Managing pressure is considered the most beneficial, important and cost-effective leakage management activity. Sensing the pressure in your water system can reduce stress on infrastructure, extending its lifetime and minimising maintenance costs. 

Increased Efficiency

Pressure monitoring is an important tool in smart pressure management. To prevent pressure fluctuation, and thereby minimise the risk of pipe bursts, you must have an intelligent pressure sensor and an intelligent software-system that lets you handle the data provided by the sensor. By embedding the VIDI Pressure sensor across your distribution system, you will be able to monitor the condition of your system regularly.

Green Technology

Optimising the system to only distribute the needed amount of water will allow for energy savings. Digital solutions actively contribute to reducing water loss, energy consumption and operational costs as well as, ensuring water quality. It leads to huge advantages locally, and it contributes to overcoming global, environmental challenges. Our solution provides considerable savings in CO² emission. 

AVK Smart Water is paving the way for a more intelligent and data-driven future for the water industry.

See the water companies already benefiting from our new technology here

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AVK Smart Water Brochure

AVK Smart Water Management

Network Monitoring. Intelligent water networks - enabling assets to communicate directly with the operator. 

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Smart Water

AVK Smart Water - an intelligent solution to monitor and report activity in water networks directly to the operator. 

AVK Smart Water

Product Range

AVK Smart Water Management uses VIDI Solutions to remotely monitor and diagnose problems, prioritise and manage maintenance issues, and optimise the entire network’s efficiency through technology and IoT driven devices. Intelligent Networks.
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