AVK Donkin Asset Protection System

Success of PUR coated valves continues to grow in gas sector. 10-05-2018

Success of AVK UK PUR coated valves continues to grow within the gas sector becoming universally accepted across the UK.

Since the launch of the AVK Donkin PUR coated valves in March 2016, demand continues to increase as all Gas Distribution Networks and Gas Transporters approve their use. Both the flanged and PE tailed version (part of the Donkin Asset Protection System*) of the Series 555 Valve is in high demand as customers realise the installed cost value.

In summary, the main benefits are: -

Reduced valve wrapping
The valves are polyurethane coated.
The PE tailed valves can be installed without any further corrosion protection required.
Valves with flanged ends have fully protected valve bodies but will still require wrapping on the connecting flanges.

This is a major saving on both models when compared to wrapping the whole valve.

Quicker installation
Installing a Donkin Polyurethane coated, PE tailed valves eliminates bolting connecting flanges and fully wrapping - estimated potential labour saving of 2 hours on a DN300 valve

Reduce potential  for underground leaks.
Because the PE ends are directly electrofused to the PE pipeline the potential for leaks is removed and increases the asset integrity value of the pipeline.

The AVK Valve Installation Tracker.  Logs GPS location and provides full auditing of installed works.

Approved to recognised standards.
The AVK Donkin Polyurethane is fully type tested to European standard EN 10290 and complies with all the relevant parts of UK gas standard T/SP/CW/6-2. Plus, additional site specific tests to validate and approve the robustness of the coating.

The system in its entirety has been designed to ensure that valve installations are quicker, of a consistently high quality, and are fully traceable and auditable. The system also improves the asset life and integrity of the valve whilst negating the need for additional protection systems.

The full Donkin Asset Protection system is comprised of five main elements that deliver these benefits:-

  • A unique, factory applied, high performance Polyurethane coating, specially developed by AVK to withstand the rigors and challenges of underground installation. CLICK HERE FOR PERFORMANCE TESTS
  • Factory fitted PE tails.
  • The AVK Valve Installation Tracker to log, locate and audit the valve installation.
  • Stainless steel spindle.
  • Stem cap.

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Successful PUR Valves

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The Donkin Asset Protection System for valves - developed explicitly for the Gas Industry.
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