AVK Series 872 Needle Valves

AVK needle valves deliver precision flow control in water, irrigation and industrial applications. 19-07-2023

AVK UK has further strengthened its valve portfolio by introducing the broadest range of needle valves available in the UK. Ranging in size from DN80 to DN2000 and with pressure ratings up to PN100, engineers will be able to select an AVK Series 872 needle valve for their specific application.

What is a Needle Valve?

Needle valves, sometimes referred to as plunger valves, enable engineers to finely control flows. This precision is achieved through the fine movement on the needle/plunger which enables the gearbox to open or close the internal sleeve in small and accurate increments to the desired position. Alternative control valves used to control flows include plug valves and globe valves, however, none of these options match the performance of the AVK needle valve range, when very precise control is needed.

AVK needle valves require very low operating torques as they are always in hydraulic balance i.e. there are equal and opposite forces at play internally at all valve positions. This feature significantly reduces actuator and gearbox costs.

Where is a Needle Valve used?

A needle valve is used in applications such as

  • Water
  • Irrigation
  • Pressure Management
  • Industrial
  • Hydropower 
  1. Bi-directional sealing
  2. Body in ductile cast iron GGG50 or GGG40 (Stainless steel 1.4408 - 1.4308 on request)
  3. Main seal in Technopolymer (TPU)
  4. Stainless steel fork (Seamless construction) 
  5. Shaft, piston and seat in stainless steel (DUPLEX or SUPERDUPLEX on request)
  6. Replaceable bronze bushes (Special AISI anti-seize) 
  7. Self-locking worm gear unit
  8. Replaceable bronze guides (AISI 316 on request) (AISI316 + TFE)

Maintenance free Needle Valves.

AVK needle valves could effectively be referred to as ‘maintenance free’.

Depending on operating conditions, after extensive use over many years, the guide strips through which the needle passes may possibly show signs of wear. The AVK design allows these guide strips to be removed and replaced thereby extending the longevity of the valve. In alternative designs where the guide strips are welded in position the likelihood is that the whole valve will need to be removed and replaced at a considerably higher cost.

Note: To date no AVK needle valve has yet had its guide strips replaced which is a testament to the quality of the design and manufacturing.

The needle valve is manufactured by AVK’s Italian subsidiary (ACMO).

According to Greg Morris, Technical Manager, it is the combination of product quality and customer support that makes the needle valve range attractive to engineers:

‘We actively encourage customers and prospects to take advantage of our technical know-how and practical experience when specifying needle valves. We can advise on the size of valve needed as well as whether any of the optional extras, such as anti-cavitation devices, are required. As an example, the engineer can also add an electrical actuator to the valve to enable it to function automatically as a self-regulating device.’

If you wish to know more about needles valves and how they can contribute to your water networks, contact Greg on the number shown above or write to Greg directly by clicking on the email icon. 

Note: DN1800 and DN2000 available upon request.


Technical Information

AVK 872 Needle Valve

For flow rate control and pressure reducing

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