Water theft. Raising awareness.

Water companies are cracking down on water theft with focus on targeting unauthorised and illegal connections to both water mains and underground hydrants. It is a subject that is gaining momentum and beginning to receive the attention of some of the major media channels. 07-08-2018

Radio 4 has already covered water theft on a few occasions; 10th January 2018 during the ‘You and Yours’ programme. The article included an interview with Graham Charnley, who was AVK's General Sales Manager at the time of this article*. Graham explained how AVK, working closely with water authorities and emergency services, developed a simple and 100% effective solution - the AVK Hydrant Security Device. The 3-part device fits easily on to the hydrant and in emergencies can be quickly removed using a simple key. Also, critically, the device prevents vandalism and ensures that emergency services have peace of mind that the hydrant access to water they need to save lives and control situations will be there, intact, for them.

Radio 4 followed this up with further coverage, early evening on 25th January 2018 and interviewed Stuart Orchard, who is heading up a Pimlico-based investigation team, to look into a significant and alarming increase in illegal water main connections. The team are working on behalf of Thames Water who, as reported in the Financial times on 24th January 2018 that the "company currently loses 26 per cent of the water it treats before it reaches the end user" and "estimates 2 – 3million litres of water is stolen every year’.

This story has also been the subject of a WWTonline article in May 2019 click here or on the image below, and more recently in February 2019 click here

Click on the links below to see more about the AVK Security Device, Series 29/10,  proven to offer 100% hydrant protection, and also the successful Series 29/91 Clearway, Through-bore Hydrant.

To protect your underground hydrants from theft and vandalism contact us for more information about the AVK Hydrant Security Device.

Sales T: +44 (0) 1604 601188 E: customerservice@avkuk.co.uk

 * Graham's new role within AVK is Business Development Manager, Network Safety Solutions, specialist in products and systems relevant to these sector. 

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