A Simple Retrofit makes Huge Impact on Clean Water Operations.

Pressure Management Device Reduces Carbon Footprint and Increases Operational Flexibility.

Rugeley is a market town located in Staffordshire, midway between Lichfield in the south and Stafford in the north. It is located near the boundary of the areas covered by South Staffordshire Water (South Staffs) and Severn Trent Water (STW).

STW and South Staffs both trade bulk water supplies across their common boundary. One of the shared pipelines is located at Brindley Bank in Rugeley where South Staffs transfers water to STW to enable it to fill a local reservoir. The transfer takes place at night between midnight and 6am. An AVK UK pressure reduction valve (PRV) was installed and an engineer would manually operate a downstream gate valve at midnight and manually close it in the morning to enable the transfer of water to proceed.

Automatic, intelligent operation AVK and Flowco, working for Severn Trent, have exchanged the pilot circuit from pressure reducing to multi-function flow control and retrofitted an AVK UK smart pressure management device (PMD). The PMD automatically opens and closes the valve to control the flow at the required times. It will soon be possible to change these times remotely once the Modbus protocol is set up thereby removing any need to ever visit the site.

AVK UK’s Smart Water team said:

‘This smart PMD installation is a great example of how a relatively simple procedure can have a huge impact on clean water operations.

Reduced carbon footprint

This simple retrofit removes the need for 730 operative visits throughout the period of one year, reduces STW’s carbon footprint, and greatly increases the operational flexibility of the valve. Although the PMD is currently measuring and controlling flow, it also has the ability to measure pressure and level as well.’

Pioneering Canal Builder

Brindley Bank is named after James Brindley (1716 – 1772), the pioneering canal builder who built the Trent and Mersey Canal that, in Rugeley, runs parallel to the River Trent.

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