Mayflower Water Treatment Works Update

AVK valves play crucial role in South West Water’s landmark Mayflower water treatment works

In recent days, South West Water announced that its new Mayflower water treatment works had taken over from the old treatment works at Crownhill which had served the city for almost 70 years.

Mayflower is the first treatment works in the world to combine ion exchange, ILCA (inline coagulation and adsorption) technology, and ceramic membrane microfiltration.

AVK was South West Water’s principal valve partner for the construction of the cutting-edge Mayflower treatment works. AVK products used on the project included gate valves, butterfly valves, plug valves and non-return valves. You can find further information in the AVK case study.

As anyone involved with a successful major project will recognise, they are organic and continuously refined and finessed to improve efficiency and effectiveness. A change to the Mayflower configuration meant that an actuator directly mounted to a valve, as per the original design scope, was now below ground level. A Glenfield Invicta site services team, an AVK Group company, returned to site to retrofit a new gearbox and actuator to the valve. The gearbox and actuator are now located above ground to facilitate the valve’s effective operation. 

Stuart Montgomery led for AVK on the original Mayflower project (see link to the case study below):

‘I would always advise that the original OEM is retained to implement any changes to the original workscope. This not only maintains the system’s integrity and consistency, but also ensures there are no issues with product warranties. Furthermore, the existing technical, design and systems knowledge held by the OEM on the project means additional works should be completed more efficiently and effectively. ‘

The merger of Glenfield and Invicta in January 2020 has led to a significant increase in engineering resources for site services. Peter Fletcher leads Glenfield Invicta’s Site Services division. Peter can be contacted on directly on the details above for any valve, actuator or penstock related issues.

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Mayflower water treatment works

AVK is valve partner on South West Water flagship project