Non-Return Valves Guidance Paper on the Importance of Correct Selection

An AVK document developed to introduce the phenomena of check valve slam and the associated water hammer.

This paper is free to download on the link below, and intends to aid with the selection of check valves by providing the reader with an introduction to the various product types available for both water and waste water systems covering the following topics:

i)      The valves main components and how it works?
ii)     What are the main advantages and disadvantages of each valve type?
iii)    What are the applications suitable for each valve type?

It highlights the importance of selecting the correct valve type and size based on hydraulic characteristics, closing speeds and available options for these valves and reference is made to the general installation, operation and maintenance requirements of check valves.

Content includes:

 Overview of check valves, the different variants and principles of design:

  • Swing Check Valves
  • Resilient Hinge Check Valves
  • Recoil Check Valves
  • Tilting Disc Check Valves
  • Slanted Seat Check Valves
  • Dual Disc / Butterfly Check Valves
  • Nozzle Check Valves
  • Ball Check Valves

Introduction to Water Hammer

Selection and sizing of Check Valves

Costs - and the cost of getting it wrong

Check Valve Installation and Maintenance

Summary and Conclusions


Greg Morris, CEng MIMeche
AVK UK Technical Manager (Water and Waste Water)

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