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Anthony Whittam AVK UK Network Water Specialist

Anthony Whittam

Network Water Specialist

The VIDI Software packages collect and visualise data from VIDI devices and can be accessed through a standard web browser. The number of units and users is unlimited. In addition, updates and support are included in all packages.

AVK Smart Water offers a digital solution that collects and decodes data from VIDI devices and converts it into understandable values. With this solution, utilities can integrate data directly into a preferred IT system or visualise it in AVK Smart Water’s own VIDI Cloud software packages.

Variant 3005/002-001


VIDI Device Hub:

VIDI Device Hub is an add-on to all VIDI devices with LoRa® communication technology. It collects and exposes data on an encrypted API. It unifies the data for easy integration with third party software tools such as SCADA, GIS, BMS etc. VIDI Device Hub comes with full documentation and support.

VIDI Basic
VIDI Basic is for customers who need a simple and basic tool for visualising and monitoring assets in the distribution network. The package has the most necessary functions including; map-based overview, user-friendly dashboard, alarm overview, graphical data comparison, device management, training videos, data storage and data backup.

VIDI Advanced
VIDI Advanced is for customers who need a tool with more functions. Through alarm dispatching, VIDI Advanced gives the opportunity to react instantly and minimise potential water loss and maintenance costs. The package includes the VIDI Basic functions and adds service crew management and alarm dispatching via SMS, email, and app.

VIDI Premium
VIDI Premium is for customers who want the complete platform to monitor, visualise and manage assets in the distribution network. VIDI Premium has a leakage monitor module that analyses the water balance for each District Metered Area (DMA). It includes four different algorithms that can be combined to produce the best possible detection of leaks and bursts. The package includes all the functions from both VIDI Basic and VIDI Advanced and adds leakage detection, individual DMA thresholds, and DMA reports.

VIDI Pilot
VIDI Pilot gives you the opportunity to experience the full value of VIDI Cloud with a maximum of features from VIDI Premium at a favourable price. You get six months of unlimited access, that gives you the opportunity to try out VIDI Cloud and see if it fulfils your needs.

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Ref. no. VIDI
3005-002-001-000 DEVICE HUB Price per device per month
3005-002-007-000 BASIC Price per month
3005-002-013-000 PREMIUM Price per month
3005-002-016-000 CUSTOM
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